2 More Days...

until I go Dress Shopping!!! Eeek! Okay I'm calming down now....

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Re: 2 More Days...

  • Very exciting! Where are you going?
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  • Bridals by Danielle it's on 12th street in CC
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  • I started there too!  As a warning (because I didn't look before I went), they are verrrry pricy.  I think the least expensive dress that I tried on was over $3000, and most were between $5000-9000.  I kept reminding my mom that I was just trying them on for style so that she'd relax!
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  • Thanks for the heads up! I also read of another salon in CC where al lthe gowns are $1000 or less and they are all new. I am going to check them out one day too.
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  • lauren123455lauren123455 member
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    Sample Rack on Pine?  I went there too....would be great if you have a lot of imagination, as most of the dresses needed lots of alterations.  I'm not creative, though, so it wasn't for me.

    I also checked out Nicole Miller in the Bellvue and liked some of their stuff.  There's also a place in the Piazza that's supposed to be good.

    If you can/want to venture to Jersey, I got mine at Irmas and LOVED my experience there.  I ended up buying the first dress Irma picked out for me - she read my mind.  And her prices are very reasonable.  Also tax free in Jersey, which helps.
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  • Stay away from Alfred Angelo in Cherry Hill. They are the worst! I had some good experiences in Delaware if you were going to venture that way.
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  • @ lauren:

    Yes the Sample Rack..Is it that bad? lol

    I just may venture into Jersey, hey why not?! Thanks for that!

    @jelybeancg- Thanks I will stay away LOL
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  • I agree with jelybeancg. Stay away from Alfred Angelo..I had a horrible experience.
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  • I also had a good experience at Irma's. I ended get my dress on ebay, but had I not found it discounted on ebay I would have purchased from Irma's.

    I also had a great experience at Coronet's Bridal in Feasterville. They don't work on commission so the sales people are not pushy at all and you can take as many pictures as you want! That was my only qualm with Irma's - you can't take pictures.

    Have fun! I loved trying on dresses, I went a bunch of times just for fun before I bought my dress. :)
  • Yay! If you're willing to travel to the Main Line, The Wedding Shoppe in Wayne is very cute. It's small but what they do have is 1) great selection of styles, and 2) very attentive one-on-one service.
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  • Cackle - is that your dress in your siggy...I looks Gorgeous on you!
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  • Thank you Ladies for all the suggestions...I thought I was excited before but you guys have gotten me more excited! :-)
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