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Hi ladies!

So some of my bridesmaids have been asking me what I'd want to do for my bachelorette party, and I'm not really sure! I was thinking of maybe doing a 3 day weekend sort of deal. So I wanted some input...

1. Atlanta (with maybe a night in Athens, Ga)
2. New Orleans

Atlanta will be closer so I'd have less time on the road, but I've never been to New Orleans.

What do you all think? Any ideas for fun stuff to do in either city?

Re: Bachelorette Party Ideas

  • I've been on a ridiculous amount of bachelorette trips, so I have some experience with this. 

    I don't know where in Alabama you are, but I'm assuming you'd be closer to Atlanta. If you are only coming for 3 days, I'd stick with that to cut down on your travel time. You don't want to spend half the trip in the car. If you girls are flexible, there are plenty of hotels in the city that you can cram in together and have it not be that expensive. Maybe $50/person for the entire weekend (lodging only). Of course we aren't talking about the ritz here, but a decent, clean, safe hotel, sure. 

    Getting here and staying here aren't going to be your budget busters. It's going to be the doing things during the day and nights out at the clubs. This isn't the beach, so you can't really spend the day lounging and swimming (why aren't you guys going to the beach? Alabama has a pretty decent coastline, and Florida isn't that far either). So unless you plan to spend it in a hotel room, all of your activities will cost money. Sure, there's plenty to do (Aquarium, World of Coke, High Museum, CNN Center, Fernbank, Etc) and I guess you could spend the day at Piedmont, or Freedom park (or any other park) but keep that in mind. Those activities can be expensive. 

    Also, how old are you and your girls? Athens is great. I spent many a drunken evening there, but at this age (my age-30) I think I'd be more annoyed during a night out in Athens than amused like I was at 22 or 24. There comes a point where a bar you can't talk in, with drunk 22 year olds, and that inevitable, lovely girl puking in the ladies restroom just isn't fun anymore. Don't get me wrong, I can still go out and throw down with the best of them, the venue has just changed a bit. Besides, spending one night in Athens out of a 3 night trip is just going to add more travel time to your overall experience. I feel like you're going to be spending way too much time in the car, and not actually enjoying anything.  
  • pokepoke27  Yes, I know all of that. I'm not stupid and totally selfish. I've actually been very budget conscious with my bridesmaids because I've been in weddings before where I've had to pay a lot more than I was comfortable with. As far as work/family situations, I know it won't be an issue with anyone. I'm not 100% set on a 3 day thing yet, but there's nothing to do where I'm at, so going somewhere is a must and I don't want to have to fly anywhere (WAY too expensive!!). 

    DanieKA  Most of us are in our mid20s (range from 21-28). The beach is actually a good idea, I hadn't really thought about that before! UGA is my alma mater so I thought revisiting Athens could be fun, but you're right about the drive. Honestly, New Orleans, Athens, the beach, those would all be like a 5-6 hr drive for most of us (we're coming from Bham, Atlanta, Athens). Atlanta is probably the easiest drive for all of us, but as you said, not much to do during the day that won't bust the bank. That's why I'm at a bit of a loss, I don't know what to tell my girls that are asking. I'll def. look into the beach idea a bit more though. Thanks!
  • Destin is pretty nice.
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    I had a BP in NOLA and Atlanta! 
    Both great cities, but honestly, I'd choose New Orleans.  PM if you want more specific info.
    When we were in New Orleans, we did a lot of touristy things during the day: we took a cooking class, cemetary tour, and some of the girls did a plantation tour.  We also walked the town, did some shopping, and went to Bourbon Street and had drinks.
    At night we went to dinner and then to a drag show one night and to listen to jazz the other night.  Along with lots of bars and lots of drinks.
    We stayed at the Holiday Inn in the French Quarter which was really reasonably priced.  I THINK it was around $115/pp (4 per room) for the entire weekend.  (We flew in Friday afternoon and out Sunday afternoon).
    I absolutely love New Orleans and honestly all 17 of my girlfriends had a great time.  Some had never been, and some had been dozens of times. 

    In Atlanta, we went to a nice dinner and then bar hopping around Midtown.  It was more of the classic Bachelorette Party and also really fun. 
    I am fairly familiar with both cities (obviously Atlanta) so let me know if you'd like more info on either city.
  • kimberlykh  can you please email me the specific details for New Orleans, Im planning a friends party now for New Orleans and Atlanta. Also if you can send me cake (naughty) of course information for Atlanta area. My email is [email protected]
  • Hello ladies,

    I know I am old on this post but for anyone looking for Bachelorette party ideas (or Bachelor party ideas) TLC just featured our party bus on "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" for June's Bachelorette party...did you know she was getting married finally???

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    We are very popular with folks coming from out of town because we know all the latest hot spots and can get you in the door no questions asked. There is a party bus that goes from club to club and there's one that goes to the Gentleman clubs as well...

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