Inexpensive all-inclusive wedding venue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone I'm new to this but I am in deep need of help. I am looking for an all inclusive wedding venue that can seat 150-175 ppl. I'm looking for something elegant and classy with delicious food.

Re: Inexpensive all-inclusive wedding venue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    We could be of a little more help if you tell us what your budget is?
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    My Budget is 7,000 or less for decorations, flowers, food, drinks, ceremony, and venue. 
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    It may be a little hard to find an ALL INCLUSIVE place for $7000 with the amount of guests that you have.

    You could try the following:
    Gala Events Facility:
    The Atrium:
    Pavilion at East Cobb:
    Pinehurst Tea Room:
    The Arbor Connection:
    Little Gardens:
    Vecoma at Yellow River:

    Good luck and I hope this helps!
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    Thank you I'm going to look at those places. 
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    Villa Christina also tends to have some great wedding packages, so you can check them out as well. 
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    Also, if you are willing to have your wedding on a Friday or Sunday, you will be able to stretch that $7K budget even further.  Good luck!!
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    Have you looked at Hazelhurst House in McDonough? They have some great packages, that also include invitations, violinists fo rthe ceremony, DJ for the reception.
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    The Higedon House by Lake Oconee has good packages that might work.
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    Villa Christina can be pretty pricey - when I was quoted, all inclusive, for 150 guests, they quoted $21,000...

    Atrium won't be able to hold, seated, more than 150 (it's where we're getting married), but the site next door would - Flint Hill.  Both sites do all of their own catering, however, but you can work with them to customize the package to get the best bang for your buck.  They each have great outside areas, as well, if you're interested in getting married outdoors.
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    Check out Hill Manor in Kennesaw, GA! We are getting a sweet deal there and Kelly is really nice and easy to work with.
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  • try the louisiana castle in franklinton. My sister is getting married in two months. It was all inclusive and she paid right under 7000 its an hour away from new orleans but still close
  • Ok we are just getting started to plan a wedding for about 100 guests anywhere in the United States of America that will do the same as Mexico. Free wedding if you guarantee a certain amount of rooms for a certain amount of nights stay. If we can guarantee 30 rooms for at least 4 to 7 nights stay, where there is something for our guests to spend money on while there, Where could that lucky place be for me? I'm not asking for the moon just a venue, sit down dinner (doesn't have to be surf and turf) photographer for about 60 pics on a cd, dj to play an ipod or spin cd's and open bar with "well liquor" and flowers for 4 attendents and bride.. We will be married by an uncle, so we don't need an officiate. Our wedding date is flexable Jan, Feb 2013. I'll do Friday or Saturday. Please help. Thanks
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