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Hey y'all, 

I'm getting married at Constance Manor on July 28th and was wondering if anyone else here has had or will have their wedding ceremony & reception here as well.  Just curous about vendors, decor, pros, cons, etc. :)  

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    I've never had a wedding here but looked into in during my planning fiasco.  I wasn't that impressed.  They had lots of rules about outside vendors (which is how they stick you when it comes to the price).  It is a pretty place sure but we were on a budget and wanted real food at our reception so it was out of our range.  I read your other post about caterers but if you're having your reception at Constance Manor you'll probably have to look into whatever they have for catering.  At the time we checked it out they didn't allow outside caterers.

    Another place you might look into that has beautiful ceremony/reception sites (both indoor and outdoor) who are really relaxed about bringing in your own decor and food is Tucker Plantation, of course if you're looking for something more formal (this is a converted horse farm) then it might not be your cup of tea but I thought I'd throw it in (I know when I was planning no one knew anything about the Winder/Athens area)  you can check it out if you want (I think if you type in "Tucker Plantation, Colbert, GA" in google it will come up - - sorry I don't have the website).  I got a quote for renting them and they were just as reasonable as anywhere else but had less restricting rules. 

    Anyways, hope this helps, I'm not trying to sell you on something else, we just ended up deciding on Las Vegas because it was sooooo frustrating finding affordable venues and stuff.

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    Brooke, I hear ya about it being frustrating trying to find affordable venues and everything!  My dad has been pushing Vegas all my life and when I started looking at places and saw how expensive they are I started considering it myself!  I've already put a deposit down on Constance Manor and one of the reasons we choose them is b/c they don't have any rules about caterers or other vendors, unlike most of the places we looked.  They must have changed their rules since you looked at it... probably learned that mandating the use of specific vendors is a quick way to get written off peoples lists! lol.  
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    We aren't getting married by Elvis or anything, we are having an elegant ceremony at a golf resort outside of town so it isn't "typical" Vegas but its saving us a ton of money.  (Its Paiute Golf Las Vegas if you're curious and want to check it out).  I felt like I was going to lose my mind.  It seems like you're nickled and dimed to death here, where there it isn't like that.
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    Hi, I'm not sure who posted the reply below but it is completely false. I'm the owner and have never offered in house catering. In fact, I'm one of the few venues that allow outside catering. We are the least expensive venue in the area. I'm flexible and offer an elegant venue at a below market price. Good luck and best wishes!!
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    Please don't post things you know nothing about. Your statement about Constance Manor is completely untrue. Good luck to you.
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    I looked at this place and was completely disappointed.. also lack of fast responses by owners
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