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Looking for Eco-friendly AND budget-friendly

My fiance and i are really into making our wedding eco-friendly. We'd love recycled invitations or double-sided at the very least, but we're also on a budget. I want to be eco-friendly, but i don't want to be pay $3.00 per invite. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Re: Looking for Eco-friendly AND budget-friendly

  • I'm so excited because I found that vistaprint has a 100% recycled cardstock option!  I'm going to be paying $120 for 200 invites and rsvp cards.  I've been looking everywhere, and you can't beat it.  They have some really cute designs too.  Good luck!
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  • *If I had a bigger budget, I would have gone with plantable invites from  They are awesome, but cost 2-3 bucks each.
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    I agree, I just purchased my engagement announcements from Vista Print (had a friend design them) and only paid $54 including 7day shipping for 100 announcements (post card size) on 100% recycled paper.  Although my fiance's father is an engineer and says it actually takes more chemicals to process recycled paper than non-recycled...  I'm really not sure what's better.  =/
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    If you do really want to go recycled, I know there are some companies,, was affordable if IMO.  But I'm not thrilled with the fact they ship from Canada.  That doesn't seem eco-friendly to me.  (Vista Prints is in Ohio.)
  • We are getting our plantable invites from the site mentioned by the pp,

    They have TONS of different designs and  two seed types (wildflowers or herbs) to choose from.  The prices start at $2.50/invite.  II think our cost is close to $4/invite, but that is because we only need 35 invites.  They also have recycled paper invites, but  I never bothered to check the price on those.    Good luck!

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  • Are you opposed to making your own?  I did ours myself on 100% recycled paper, and using soy ink.  I printed 5x7 double-sided, no inner envelope and online RSVP so no RSVP cards or envelopes.  They cost $0.84 each, including postage.

  • has recycled paper and lets you print double sided. We are getting out invites from there.

    Good luck!

  • FI and I have ton of paper sacks from the grocery store.  We will be cutting them up and printing our invites on them.  Recycling paper and not paying for it either except the ink from the printer.  It ties in with our theme of rustic as well.

    On the side that will have the grocery store logo we are gluing wrapping paper with a funky print that matches our theme as well.
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