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Need to talk about things

My wedding is in july and still have no cater & no photographer. Am I really behind?/ Does anyone know if there is some where you could rent bridal gowns?? Just curious!

Re: Need to talk about things

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    There is no such things as behind. Many brides have been on here way longer, so they have these things planned, but others have planned weddings in way less time than half a year, so you'll be fine.

    You can rent bridal gowns, but usually it is easier and cheaper to find one 'off the rack', for example from David's bridal. Look for sales, or for used dresses. Rental gowns are often not that cheap and you can't have them altered for a great fit.
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    i accomplished everything that you mentioned and more in a time period of 14 days....you will be fine!!! just set goals, work quickly, and don't drag out the decision making process at all.  

    i would recommend buying off the rack too, as eline above mentioned. at many of the boutiques i went to, they had racks and racks of discontinued gowns and sale gowns that you could buy in your own size and have immediately. my friend did this who is only having a 4.5 month engagement and found a dress perfect for her. 

    best wishes and happy planning!!!! feel free to ask if you have any more questions about being a time-crunched bride ;)  
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    Awww thanx you guys! I feel a lot better now that I have some insight on brides tht are planning and have planned. I'm really going to get down to business now. I see davids bridal has a 99 dollar sale going on. Hopefully something fits me. I'm not a little girl. I didn't know they had used bridal gowns. Guess I can ask to see them as well. My wedding I'm planning to start at like 3 or 4. Would that be considered as dinner or I could I have finger foods???
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    My wedding I'm planning to start at like 3 or 4. Would that be considered as dinner or I could I have finger foods???

    I would say time to get researching right now however!

    As for finger foods, typcially people would say to have these items during a non-meal time.  So if your ceremony ends at 4pm then that is OK.

    How late do you envision the reception going?

    However, in my state, brides are notorious for having receptions during prime dinner time and just serving cake or snacks.  I went to a few shocked and left hungry, but now I know to eat before or after.  But Utah is its own culture.

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    Hi! I'm glad you found this board- the ladies here are very helpful! Please keep on asking questions and we'll help you!!

    We were able to accomplish a lot in a short period of time. We got our venues (ceremony and reception separately), cake, photographer, DJ, and my dress within 5 days.

    What have you gotten done so far? The most important thing is to get a venue, photographer and DJ. The rest will be easier to find! Start looking around and making some calls. You're not behind- I have a friend who is just starting to plan her wedding and they're going to get married on April 7th!
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    Yes this is a good time to go to David's Bridal now that they have the $99 sale on gowns going on.  You have more than enough time to plan your wedding
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    Congratulations on your engagement! I agree with pp to get your venue/catering and dj/photographer first and then concentrate on the other details.

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    When you say "starting yur wedding at 3or 4" do you mean ceremony or the reception?  Either way you can have finger foods only but be sure you have ALOT.  People tend to eat more while mingling and conversing.

    As for asking bridal salons to see their used wedding gowns, what the mean by that is sample dresses, the dresses everyone else has tried on.  You'll definitely get a discount but you'll have to take it as it is, dirty, and possibly ripped and missing embellishments that maybe have fallen off or torn off by past costumers.

    Where are you located?

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