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Shoes for Bridal Gown

Hi All,
I'm looking for suggestions on where to purchase shoes for my gown.  I'm getting ready for my first fitting in a few weeks and I know that I need to have my shoes by then.  I'm looking for suggestions other than David's Bridal (their shoes hurt my feet) DSW, Off Broadway, and the department stores.  I'm really at a loss. 
Thanks for the help!

Re: Shoes for Bridal Gown

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    I was reading a blog (can't seem to find it now) But they said that if you buy "wedding" shoes they run much higher then other shoes just becuase someone labled them wedding..

    Have you tried stores at your Mall, Ebay, Criagislist.org.

    Just some Ideas. Hope you find them.!
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    The mall has some cute boutique-y stores, or there is that cute shoe store on south broadway, I'm blanking on the name...or you can order online like I did endless.com - they have free return so you can just order and return if they don't fit...I had to get super comfy ones due to plantar fascitis so they aren't as cute as I would like, but I also wanted a cute color so I got some green ones off of there...so I searched by color...
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    look on zappos.com
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    Zappos.com is really great because they have a large selection and they make it so incredibly easy to return the shoes you don't want, like, fit whatever. I have ordered several pairs to bring and try at my fitting and will just return the ones that don't work. Good luck!
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    www.true<strong" rel="nofollow">www.true>>loveshoes.com
    42 North Broadway
    Denver, CO 80203-3915
    (303) 860-8783
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    I use either www.zappos.com or www.endless.com- free shipping/return shipping on both!
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    Have you tried Nordstroms?  I have weirdly shaped feet and stand all day long and they always are able to help me find cute shoes that are also comfortable!
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