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I'm trying to shrink our flower budget and am thinking about creating my own reception centerpieces using wholesale flowers.  Any comments about how this has gone for others?  I'm thinking about looking into farmer's markets in Denver, Whole Foods, and some other wholesale flower shops.  Is it really possible to save that much money this way?  Any good resources for guiding the process (like knowing how many stems to get and where are good, reliable places)?  Thanks!!

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    I just ordered my flowers the other day... they won't be delivered until the Wednesday before our wedding, but, I ordered calla lilies from and blue roses from I paid $193.98 for 100 calla lilies and $229.99 for 150 long stemmed blue roses (which I'm going to cut down). So total, I paid $423.97. 

    The BM's will all have calla lilies for their bouquets and the groomsman will wear a single calla lily. My bouquet is going to consist of the blue roses with baby's breath (I bought fake baby's breath at Michael's). Then my FI and our parents will all wear a single blue rose.  Any remaining roses will be used to decorate the cake table and guest tables. :-)  Oh.. and our wedding colors are black, white and blue! :-)
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    I think that is a good price.  There is a wholesale flower shop off of Alameda and I-25, about 8 blocks west on the left hand side of the street. They had so many different choices.

    I found this independent florist, her name is Joan, she was really inexpensive and had a lot of good ideas. Totally would have used her but we moved the wedding out of state.

    We went with fake flowers for the BM's, Vegas - Caesars wanted $75 a bouquet.  I did all 5 for $40.

    It was pretty simple, maybe 2 hours to make them all, shouldn't take too long for real flowers either.  GL!
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    Thanks for the suggestions!!!
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