Dog Friendly Patios in Denver?

We are getting our engagement photos taken on Wednesday evening. Its very important to me that our dogs are in a few of the pictures with us.

Our plan is that we will meet the photographer for drinks near the Botanic Gardens and then go to that little park right near the gardens (I forget the name) so that we can take a few shots with the dogs there.

Then a friend is picking the dogs up and taking them home for us so that they will not be in the hot car while we are in the gardens.

My issue is that I am not really a city girl and I avoid Denver like a plague in most cases. Does anyone know of any places that allow dogs on their patios that is in that area so that we can still get drinks before hand?
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Re: Dog Friendly Patios in Denver?

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    i just typed in dog friendly patios in denver and here's what i got:

    everyone in this town has a dog.....
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    The vast majority of patios allow you to have your doggie on the outside of the fence while you are on the inside, which for my pups is not ideal, but i see tons of people sit right at the fence so you can pet them through the fence.
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    I just went out last night after kickball and I had my dog.  I was all worried that she would be on the outside of the patio, but my teammates said it would be ok.  We went to Pasquini's on 17th and Humboldt.  They told me there that 90% of Denver patios are dog friendly.  They even had caribiners to hook up leashes too and water bowls on the ground.  I think you just need to find a place you like and call 'em up to see what their policy is.  Good luck!


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