Reviews of Mount Vernon Country Club, Golden CO

Hey All,

I am am newly engaged and evaluating the Mount Vernon Country Club in CO. Website:

I wanted to get opinions of the place and the staff? Has anyone got married there recently? We are evaluating the Main Dining Room. I am wondering if its a good value and worth those views.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Reviews of Mount Vernon Country Club, Golden CO

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    Look at WeddingWire, I found lots of useful reviews for my venue there.
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    I myself am getting married there. It is a very nice country club, but not the kind where you feel you had to have gone to an Ivy league school and have a condo in the Hamptons (lol). It can be a bit pricey though. I'm doing it there because I want the mountain view, and my grandmother is a member, so I don't have to pay for renting the room. Depending on how many people you have will determine what kind of room. I'm doing the Canyon Trail room with holds over 200 with a built in dance floor and a large deck outside. That would normally cost $1400 to rent, and for my 75 guests, I'm ball-parking around $5000 (half my budget) on food and drink. The food there is very good. 

    I hope that kind of helps you out! Good luck with your planning!
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    I went to a wedding there in September, it was really nice. 
    Ups: The staff was really attentive and friendly. 
    The food was pretty good. 
    Everyone had a lot of fun.
    The couple said it was very affordable.
    There was valet available..parking lot has some pretty steep hills and walking wasn't very fun in heels since we didn't opt for the valet.

    Downs: There were several weddings going on at the same time and guests were getting confused on which wedding was which. The halls came a little crowded as well with everyone trying to find the wedding they were supposed to be at.
    The room they rented was a little crowded for as many people as they had, but we had the deck which helped.

    Overall, it was a really nice wedding.. not one I would have personally chosen but it just depends on what exactly you're looking for. 

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    Been there once for a friend's wedding. Pretty venue! Personally I prefer the Arrowhead Golf Club - check that out too. :)
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