Hi ladies- I took some time off from planning, but I'm back at it again!  Does anyone know of a great pianist/vocalist in the area?  I'm looking for someone to do a cover of David Gray's "This Year's Love" at my wedding.  I contacted EBE, but they didn't have anyone that could sing AND play, only separate performers, which of course means double the money...  Anyway, figured I'd check to see if anyone had any recs.  I'm completely open - male or female works.  Thanks!!

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    A talent agent walks into a bar and sits down and orders a drink. When the piano stops playing he hears some applause and somebody saying "thank you" to the crowd, but he doesn't see anyone behind the piano. Curiously he walks over to find a small man, no taller than a foot playing the piano for tips.

    He goes over to the bartender and asks where he found such an extraordinary talent. The bartender says, "Well, I didn't find him. See, I found this dusty lamp hidden on the shelf and when I rubbed it a Genie granted me three of which resulted in him."

    The talent agent, looking at the bartender in disbelief replied, "Wait a minute. You found a Genie's magic lamp, and when the Genie granted you three wishes you wished for a 12 inch pianist?"

    The bartender responded. "Well, no....not exactly."
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    There is a dude at Synergetic Sound and Lighting in Bensalem who is a savant at the piano.  I think his name was Kurt.  Maybe he could help?
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    I don't know what area you're looking at in PA, but I'm from Montgomery County.  The Collegeville Community Music School would be  a good contact.  They have teachers and students who sing and play at weddings.  Also, there is a music teacher in Souderton School District who sings and plays at weddings.  She just had a baby this week, but I could get you her information if you were looking in this area. 
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