I just saw your post that Little Touches canceled on you --- I'm looking into them b/c I really liked their prices --- did they have a good reason for canceling?  I'm assuming you wouldn't recommend them?

Also, I'm looking at Duette, which is also based out of NJ.  As for hair, the bride is $110 and updos for others are $85 and a blow out is $35.  Makeup is $85 for bride and $65 for others.  Trials are $50 for hair and makeup, but she offered to do mine for free.  The girl I've been emailing with, Lindsey, is really responsive and nice.  I'd like to work with her, so I'm planning to see if they can bring their prices for BM hair/makeup more in line with Little Touches in order to get my business.  I don't know if they're free on your day, but Lindsey seems so nice that she might be able to work on the price with you (or recommend someone else, if they're busy)
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    So for the brother got married this weekend at the beach so I went MIA  :)

    From the first moment I contacted LT, I was unimpressed.  I was told she was too busy to schedule trials and to email her in a couple months.  So I did but was told the same again.  When it came time to set the appointment, her time was limited but we agreed on a time.  Then she canceled our appointment at the last minute.  We set another appointment and she kept it. Oh and BTW...her normal person wasn't going to be able to do the wedding so she'd get someone else for all of the BMs.  Slightly nerve -racking.

    At the trial, I loved how she did my hair and makeup!  I was so excited over my makeup especially and she was great to work with during the actual trial.  So even after all of the frustration, I emailed her that I wanted to book her.  She wrote back, confirmming the date, location, and prices.  She was too busy to send the contract and said her assistant would.  I didn't receive it so after a week or so I emailed her again.  She gave me the run around again that she was too busy to make up the contract but "don't worry I was def. booked and reserved with her!".  The next email was her saying she's really sorry but has to cancel on me.  I respect her reason completely though.  Her sister decided to get married in Mexico on the same date as my wedding.  I def. understand and wouldn't have expected her to skip her sister's wedding. LOL However, she didn't offer to do anything to make it right with me.  She didn't offer someone to sub for her, no recommendations, NOTHING.   I  expected her to hire someone to cover our wedding, under her business name, and at the same cost she would have charged me.  That is how a professional would have handled it.  I ended up asking her for rec. but they were all much more expensive.  She wouldn't help me out at all by making arrangement with any one else.

    In short, her work was wonderful. Her prices are great.  The BS since my first email to my last email to her would make me think twice about recommending her.  I would be nervous she wouldn't come through or would be unresponsive through the process.

    Please let me know if it works out with Duette.  I'd def. be interested.  My trial at a local salon on Saturday was good for hair but not so good for makeup.

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