Sex on your wedding night

regarding NCV's comment earlier..

Just wanted to prepare most of the girls on here that your wedding night sex will probably not be all sorts of fireworks and butterflies.  By the time we got back to the hotel room at about 2am, we were sort of drunk and TIRED BEYOND BELIEF (seriously your wedding day will make you feel like you got hit by a truck, it's a long freakin day).  Yes, we did it - however, it was not great.  It was more obligatory than anything.  We could barely keep our eyes open!  I'm sure other married ladies can attest to this.  So be forewarned ;)

Re: Sex on your wedding night

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    I kinda feel bad for virgins.  
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    [QUOTE]I kinda feel bad for virgins.  
    Posted by NCV2[/QUOTE]

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    haha NCV!

    I am not even concerned with sex on the wedding night. I know I will be too tired.
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    We didn't even do it ... DH passed out before we could

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    i think of all my friends only one couple (that i know of) has had the energy for it haha funny how that is supposed to be THE night and its the total opposite in most cases!
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  • LadyJ10LadyJ10 member
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    Thanks for the warning!

    I should have used this in the arguement for the small destination wedding -- "Honey, we'll be less exhausted from having to entertain all of those people and will have more energy for the bedroom that night!"

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    I guess DH and I in the minority here.
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    I have already warned him- don't expect cute undies or sexy anything.  I am going to crash.  He'll probably be drunk anyway.
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    This is not the case for everyone! We were SO excited about the day and had more than enough energy! We also did not do anything 4 months prior to the wedding to make it a really special night (we were challenged by our priest and he promised us it would be worth it).  It really was a great decision and made it such a special night, our priest was right.  I will never forget that night.

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    FI and I both agree that that's what the Honeymoon is for.  I'm sure we'll both be drunk and tired.  We rented a room afterwards to have an after party for anyone who wants to join so we'll be partying into the night.  I just hope I get to enjoy the jacuzzi tub in our room on our wedding night or the next morning.  Honestly, I wouldn't mind soaking alone with my eyes closed, ipod on! 
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    We were both exhausted.  I can understand why most people would just be too tired to make it happen but we made the effort afterwards and it was pretty darn good ;)
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    Half of friends/family said they did so I still have hope.  We keep promising each other no matter what we will that night.   He seems to think we will immediatley after the ceremony, he's crazy!  Don't know where or how he figures that will happen.  We have toyed with the idea of going without the month or so before but since we have been together for so long and live together I don't really think that will happen.

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    All of my friends warned me it wouldn't even happen. We did do it but it wasn't the best ever... it was more to celebrate. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad... but we were both really tired!
  • We were too exhausted too, then I found myself crying because I felt he didn't want me after all the other promises during the day, as if it was all a lie. He woke up to me crying in bed, and felt HORRIBLE and still does. First thing in the morning we did, though so I guess its okay... Just we cant ever get that night back to have an amazing night to add our our amazing day. So, I just don't know how to take it. Mixed emotions I guess.
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