* 9-14-2012* Stessful Bride...

Hi I'm Liz and we're getting married on 9-14-12 we we're supposed to do 11-11-11 however family illness had caused as to change our date as well as I fell at work and tore my ligament in my ankle! Valentine's Day we'll be together for 10 years and I'd love that to be our wedding day but its a Tuesday and we want a church wedding and have more of a smaller gathering! So we just thought why not do a Valentine's Day theme to our day! However I'm stressing we don't have our venue yet and I'm not sure of the colors yet I wanted before maybe black and pink but now with a Valentine's day theme we can do pinks,whites,reds! I'm not a big flower girl so I'm just going to do the least on that! I'm thinking a candy bar, with the valentine's day candy hearts and things like that and try to be a DIY bride as much as I can for centerpieces and such. We really want a photo booth however we've gotten prices of like $2,000-$2,500 does this sound right? Anyone know of places in the Philly or outside areas that's better deals? And venues I need help with too! We had to put us and our special day on hold due to so many stressful life events that had happened in 2011! Including almost losing my hunnie in a major car accident right before the holidays which has made us so much stronger and wanting to marry and have a baby so much more now! Please help Philly Brides, I want to send our STD's out within the next few weeks but I'm thinking a Candy heart to go with the valentine's day theme vista print doesn't give that choice and I need help finding these things! I know 7 months seems far but it comes up so fast! Any ideas please send our way! Thanks in advance for any and all tips! Liz - Stressing Bride

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  • I googled Photo booths in Philadelphia and they were no where near that much money! Yikes...

    I saw prices around $800-$1000.  Here is one example.  I know there is one in DE too.

    I love the black, pink, red idea. You can do ALOT with that! :)  Good luck!  I love conversation hearts and they could be a really cute vase filler or candy item on a candy "bar:.  Have fun with it and try not to stress so much.  It will all come together.  I would def focus on getting a venue booked ASAP!

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  • OK - you're stressed out.  This is what you need to do, one thing at a time.

    1. Set a budget.  The Knot has good tools for this.
    2. Book venue.
    3. Pick colors.
    4. Send out Save the Dates.
    5. Work on catering, decor.
    6. Book photobooth company.
    7. Relax and have fun!
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  • By the way my wedding is 1 day after yours - yay!

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  • Great advice planning is so overwhelming!  Just take it one step at a time....and definitely focus on the venue (and things like a photographer, caterer if needed) before you worry about the candy bar and the photo booth (I'm using Perfect Day Photography for mine, and it's around $1500, I think, btw).

    Once you have an idea of your venue budget and location, check back in and we can offer great suggestions about places to look!
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  • The other ladies gave great advice. Also, do you really need save the dates? By the time you book your venue and have them made it might be so close to the wedding that they are irrelevant. Save the hassle and $ and skip them. Focus that time on stuff for the wedding.
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  • We used The Wilmington Photo Booth Company and they were fantastic.  I have no complaints at all.  I'm not sure what their pricing is now, but we paid just a little over $1k for them.  They have a few different packages to choose from.

  • My girlfriend was just married 9/10/11, and she got her photo booth for $400 though a half-price Groupon deal.  With that being said, it may be worth it to sign up for Living Social / Groupon deals!

    If you are at all tech savy, you can create your own design using MS Publisher or something similar and upload it to Vista Print.  I'm having a Valentine's Day-themed baby shower for my sister this month, and that's what I did since I didn't see anything I liked.

    Something to keep in mind, it may be hard to find the conversation hearts around the time you plan to get married as they are a seasonal item.  You may want to stock up on them this month - plus they will probably be cheaper right after Valentine's Day.

    And just a quick mentioned that your not a fan of flowers, and that made me think of this cheap centerpeice idea that ties in with Valentine's Day and conversation hearts:
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  • 1 Breathe. Its going to be amazing. 

    I know that after so long it seems crazy making, but instead of worrying about what you "should" do or "have" to do, do what you want to do.

    2. Figure out what is important. 

    Sit down with your honey and write some lists. Top three things that are important to each of you. The people you absolutely want there. The parts that have to be there for it to feel like a wedding for you. Figure out your budget for the whole shebang.

    3. You probably have 4-6 things on that list of top things. Do those. Do them well. Do them within your budget. 

    Do some research on what it costs to do what is most important to you the best way you can. Anything involved with a wedding can be thousands of dollars, or hundreds of dollars, or skipped entirely.

    Knowing how many people you want to come will guide you in terms of venue. Once you have a date and a venue, you can start letting people know so they can make plans. Especially with a small guest list.

  • Thanks to all for the advice! We're sitting down with my in-law's to be this weekend to discuss options! As well as we've done a guest list together already have our church and date set in stone, and will be checking out some venues in the next few days to see what will be best for us! I'll keep you all updated! Thanks =)
  • I just booked Wilmington Photo Booth and it was $1100 but he has prices lower than that too!
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  • You might want to sign up for a site like Groupon...We actually were able to score a groupon for $350 (normally $1100) for a four hour photo booth booking- the company we used was Chariot Photo Booth! We get unlimited pictures, a digital copy of all teh prints and an attendant.  When we booked ours they said the groupon had generated so much business they were definitely going to offer it again! 
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