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April 2012 Weddings

XP Sort Of.

Ok so i know i don't post on this board much but I try to post on the appropriate wedding related board, but some of the girls out there are heinous and well i don't think you girls are as heinous.  I apologize this is longer than anticipated

1. My FI saw a friend he hasn't seen in years and now is feeling guilty that he's not in the WP, it's that friend you have when you see them it's like a beat was never skipped..  (He asked my ONLY brother instead ALL 4 of his super young siblings have a part in the wedding)  He totally asked him on a night they were drinking.

2.  I don't have many friends anymore.  I HATE the idea of uneven WP's.  I know it's common but it's not for me.  I have girlfriends but when I move them up in the order for a 4th bridesmaid there is ALWAYS a logical reason as to why not.

I have 2 friends from college I still talk to and they're like i never skipped a beat; but thinking they're coming from long distance I don't want to either put their SO in a weird spot nor do I want them not be be able to sit together, they're the only people they will know other than me.  Plus I don't know how to pick one over the other, they're so different.  One is married and I was a guest at her wedding, the other isn't married yet.... I know both of their SO's they've been together since frosh year of college (02)

I have a cousin who is also long distance, we're close however she's totally changed, just had a baby, quit drinking etc 5 years ago, and our wedding party well..... they still like to have a few.

There's a few girls from work I've recently become close to, however that's not a reason for a BM.  One girl in particular is how I met my FI, but to be honest I went out with her because she annoyed me to death, and my MOH is the most nicest, never says anything bad about anyone person ever and she annoys her.

As much as TK brides hate wedding party dances I liked it whenever I was a BM. Both me and my FI want the even wedding party, and don't want anyone to feel like the extra wheel.  Thing is, we keep things the way they are I'm happy.  We add him and no one else and we're both unhappy bc we both dislike uneven parties (again preference doesn't make it wrong). Or I find someone.

A year ago this was reversed I had 4 girls and he could only think of 3 guys.  Since then a girl who would've been my Maid of honor (My MOH would've still been my MOH but with a Matron of honor title) Totally disappeared on me, and I partially think it's jealousy.  Which hurts because she was my best friend and we went through a lot together.  She's standing up in a former friends wedding next month and she bad mouthed the engagement the ring etc, and won't even mention my wedding didn't even get a congrats.  She forgot my birthday this year when all i wanted last year was my two besties and my current MOH paid for hers and my drinks because she was broke.

PLUS everyone KNOWS already we were only going to have 3 on each side.... so any girl I ask will already KNOW they were B-Listed.  his buddy was B-Listed and didn't care.  I've been B-listed and it didn't matter to me so if they're good friends then it shouldn't matter right?

  I guess I'm feeling either sorry for myself but I'm looking for advice and ideas all the same.  I don't feel like I'm selfish for wanting my only sibling in the wedding.  I don't feel like that because we're doing a lot of traditional things that having an even WP is wrong.  but i'm feeling a little sad because I realized tonight that I don't have another option.
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