live string musicians for ceremony

does anyone know how much it would cost for a ceremony that lasts less than 30 minutes???
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Re: live string musicians for ceremony

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    Most strings are done with 3 or 4 people and charge $500-1,000 from what I've seen.  I've only seen flat rates for ceremony, regardless of time spent.  It would probably be cheaper to hire a pianist or guitarist, just one person, if you're looking to spend less.

    I haven't booked anyone for ceremony music so I dont have any personal recommendatons.  I have booked DJ's Available for my reception DJ and know that they offer live musician packages for the ceremony.
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    i am looking at dj's available, they did my friend's wedding and they were really good
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    You should check out La Primavera Music (  I am a Sales Coordinator at a Country Club in the area many of my brides book them for their ceremony music.  Their price will depend on the type of ensemble you are looking for (duo, trio, soloist, etc.).  They are very good and easy to work with.  Good luck!
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    I'm using Sienna Strings, and they have dif. prices for solo, duo, trio, quartet, and by hours.

    Edit: I just pulled up the sheet they sent me. This is from last year so it may or may not have gone up in price.

    For 1 hour (music before, during, and after ceremony as guests enter and leave)

    Solo: 250
    Duo: 390
    Trio: 520
    Quartet: 650

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    We are using Trio Classica who is managed through DJ's Available (if I'm not mistaken - it's been awhile since I booked them!).  For a ceremony (no mass) they priced between $400 and $500 but like BP said, these were prices I was quoted early 2009.  I would call around though since prices tend to increase year to year. 
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    my caterer suggested looking at harpists.  since there is only one person, it's a lot less expensive.  i think it's just as elegant.

    i did a quick google search and the girl i contacted was around $350 and then $75 for each hour after the first (don't quote me on that, i can't seem to find the email).

    just a thought!
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    HI, I have been looking for the same thing and I know that a company called Eclipse Music Company out of Jersey and one called Heart Strings out of Doylestown both have groups that do that.. Not sure of the pricing but it can't hurt to find out. Hope this helps
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