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Beach House Reception... Capacity Limits?

My fiance and I are in the process of narrowing down reception venues. We love the idea of having a tented reception at a private beach house however our guest list is probably a bit too big for this. As of right now we've got about 280 people on the list... this of course, includes every possible person, child, date, etc. that could attend. With the wedding being out of town for everyone this number will definitely drop but I'm not sure if we could get it down to under 150. So, my question is does any one know of any houses that are equipped to handle about 200 people? We've called around and most places say 100 or 150 max due to fire code and/or septic issues which I definitely understand. I did, however, contact someone through VRBO who said as long as the event fee was paid it didn't matter how many people attended. Anyways... any insight on this would be great!
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Re: Beach House Reception... Capacity Limits?

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    I'm using an event house for my reception and the event houses I looked at almost all had a limit between 50-100.  I have a smaller guest list than you do so I might not have been looking at a house as large as you are, but we we just called around to the different realters and finally found one that worked with one we needed.  I eventually ended up with a house that does not have a limit so they are out there.  Not sure if I should be posting this or not but my caterer told me that the reality companies do not come around and count and unless the police are called for a noise violation or parking issues, you'll be fine going over the limit by some.  Good luck finding your house!
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    When I was down in OBX loking at houses, I actually had a maintance man from a realty company tell us not to even tell them that you are having an event. People do it all the time so that way you have no limit or event fee Audra
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