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Beach Brides...what are you wearing?

I finally said yes to the dress this weekend but now I'm starting too worry.  I love my dress but I'm getting married on the beach and the dress I picked is probably a little too formal for the beach.  The whole dress is covered in lace and beading and it has a short train.   

Just curious about what everyone else is wearing! 

Re: Beach Brides...what are you wearing?

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    I worried about the same thing and finally said, "Who cares?"  It's my day and I'll wear what I want.  I loved some of the ball gowns but thought those were a little over the top, especially since I'm petite.  I thought if I went with a softer fabric like organza or tulle, it would lend itself to the beach.  In the end, I just decided to go with Maggie Sottero Rhianna Royale.  It is stunning in person and shmmers in the sunlight.

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    We're still debating as to using the beach vs the Episcopal chapel in Nags Head.  I've had the same concern about my dress as well... actually I showed a picture to one of the ladies at our church and she flat out told me it was way too formal for the beach.

    BUT... If you look at through the OBX photography websites you'll see almost every style of dress on the beach and honestly, I think they all look lovely.  I don't think I've seen one photo, and thought 'oh, honey, no... that dress!'  (Of course, your over-the-top-disney-princess gowns may do it)

    I am curious how other beach brides have handled their train, mine is also short but walking in the sand concerns me a little...

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    mpar- OMG I love your dress!!!!!  Amazing!  Here's a pic of my dress and as you can see the train is pretty long.  I'm thinking about having alterations change the length of the train but it scares me to do this.   

    wzkristin- My FI's grandmother was shocked to hear that I was going to wear a wedding dress on the beach.  I showed her some pics from weddings on the different photographers sites and I think that made her realize that it's pretty common these days.

    I'm would love to hear any suggestions on what I should do about the train.  Thanks!

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    My dress is all over lace and it has a medium-length train...if that even is such a thing but its just not super long.  You can wear any kind of dress you want on the beach!  This is the day you have been waiting for....the dress you have been waiting for so go for it!

    As long as the sand is dry, all of you should be just fine.  The train of the dress will glide smoothly across the sand and dont worry about sand getting all up in your dress b/c it very easily will just shake off.  One thing I DO recommend is that if you are walking down a boardwalk, then make sure you have someone get on their hands and knees and run their palm across evrey single board to make sure there are no nails sticking up OR tiny shards of wood that could ultimately snag your dress.  THAT would not be good at all!  I seriously am planing on making my 2 brothers check every single piece of wood on the walkway b/c its a long walk from the house and Im not taking any chances.


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    My dress is sort of in-between.  It has the train and embellishments, but it also has tiers that make it feel a little more beachy to me.  I can picture them blowing in the breeze.  I'm not worried about the sand or water... it's not like I'll wear it again.  My seamstress added an extra bustle button in case I pulled the first one out playing on the beach. =)

    There are pics in my bio.

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    Good idea on the extra button.  I will have my dress hemmed for my reception shoes and just gloriously drag it on the beach.  I think a train will be just fine as long as it's not like Princess Diana's.  Don't know that the NC beaches are wide enough to accommodate that.
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