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Sending invitations!

Hey fellow OBX brides! So, I'm sending the invitations next week... RSVP's are due back to us by July 6th. I hope no one thinks we're nuts for sending invitations out this early for our October 6th wedding, but because it is a dw, we really have to know in advance! Plus, most people know by now whether or not they're coming and have already made arrangements to be there because we sent STD's in January! What do y'all think?! I'm so dern excited I could bust!

Re: Sending invitations!

  • We are getting married in Oct as well. I really want to send them out now just because I am excited and it would help me work on some things (like escort cards and table arrangements).

    Most of our friends have already made arrangements, our family is slow and still working on it. That being said, I am going to try to hold out sending them until Aug. bc I don't think the caterer needs them that early.
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  • I'm sending the invites for my October wedding in August, also. Mostly because they're not actually done yet! 
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  • We are sending our invites out tomorrow for our Sept. 7th wedding, RSVP date is August 7th.
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  • Hooray for you!  It's never too early... We sent save the dates for our end of august wedding the first week of February.  We did a wedding website and referenced it on the save the dates to give folks info on hotels, directions, flights, rental agencies etc. so they would have plenty of time to make arrangements. Invitations were sent out the middle of May with RSVP in July.  This way we could call any stragglers and have a final count to catering (with PLENTY of time to spare) 30 days prior to the event date.

  • my wedding date is 9/28/12, our RSVP date is August 1st, and I'll be sending them out probably in 2 weeks! yay!! I am so excited! I am definitely eager to get them out, but mainly because I want to be able to have plenty of time to contact stragglers, and not have to worry about getting final head counts to all the appropriate people :) I say the earlier the better, especially since it's an out of town wedding, and everyone will be travelling. 
  • Sent them, yesterday! I agree with all of you... Nothing wrong with being early! I should put pictures up of them.. I'm so proud!
  • I just sent mine today for our Sept wedding - whew!  Done!  Cross off list! :)  Now to wait for those RSVPs and see who we have to track down...
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