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Beach Nourishment Project/Problem... Nags Head FYI!!!!

I just spoke with a woman from the Town of Nags Head. I asked a few questions about my June 4th, 2011 beach wedding. I was told there are trying to start a project called Beach Nourishment for next year. It has something to do with bringing new sand to the Nags Head Beach from milepost 11 to 21 or so. I was told that if this project goes through they will be closing off different sections of the beach from April to September. I was told to call back closer to the end of the year to find out if the project will go through. They are also hoping to have a timeline as to what sections of the beach will be closed when.

I have rented two beach homes at milepost 12. I am just hoping that my section of the beach will not be closed for our wedding date!

Re: Beach Nourishment Project/Problem... Nags Head FYI!!!!

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    ohhh that is just awful for you!  Im all for the beaches getting a makeover b/c this year compared to 2009 the beaches had erroded quite a bit but I know that this is the worst timing for any bride!  I wonder why they didnt consider doing this in the spring rather than the summer??  Not only will this affect ALL of our beach weddings but think about all of those people that come from out of town to vacation, only to NOT have a beach front area to relax in.

    Which beach homes did you rent???  I am at milepost 12 too....


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    I rented Big Mamma's and Happy Days.
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