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Message in a bottle invites

Has anyone used message in a bottle invitations?  I really want to use these for my wedding but I don't know what to do about the response card, directions, etc. that usually come along with the invitation.  I think this would probably be too much to stick in the bottle, plus the response cards would be difficult to mail back if they are rolled up.  I was thinking about just sending the invitations out now (a year in advance) instead of save-the-dates, and then sending out all the additional information closer to the actual date.  Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on this? Thanks

Re: Message in a bottle invites

  • I love the idea but not sure how this would for you in practice.  I'd be afraid of breakage during delivery and then there's how much (or little) you could stuff in them.  Maybe you could use the idea for your just save the dates or perhaps for place cards instead?
  • oops "I love the idea but not sure how this would work for you in practice"
  • I was going to use sand art bottles (the plastic ones).  You can stick the postage right on the bottle and mail it just like that. Im thinking it might work out better for the save the dates.  The only thing is that they would be a lot more expensive than regular save the dates with the extra postage and cost of the bottle, and then I'd still have the invitations expense as well.

  • How many invites are you sending out? I guess that would factor into whether or not the expense would be too gigantic or not!!

    Invites were something that we weren't super obsessed with so I'd say we ended up going the "value" route. Maybe you could put the money into the Save-the-dates and wow everyone and then do a more simple invite?
  • While I think it's a "novel" idea, it might be more trouble and $ for that matter than it's worth. Like PP asked, how many invites do you plan on sending? That would be the determining factor for us.
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    You can find really cheap bottles if you look online (or at places like Michael's), and I'm assuming you could get those USPS boxes that ship at a flat rate (if that would be cheaper than sending them another route).  If you DIY and you don't have many of them, it would probably be doable. 
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  • I did not do them but when I was planning my wedding a lot of girls on the destination wedding board did them.  I bet some of the girls over there now are doing them as well so it might be worth asking them for suggestions.
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  • I frickin' love this idea! Why is it that all the  great ideas come out AFTER you've already done something! haha
  • Thanks everyone! I'm probably sending out a little over 100, so it would be expensive.  The post office told me that it would cost about $1.50 each to mail, and then there is the bottle and invitation cost on top of that.  I think im probably going to use the bottles for close family and friends, and then mail the rest in regular envelopes.  I dont think its worth the effort or expense to send them to people that arent even going to come to the wedding anyway, and who I only have to send invitations to out of obligation. 
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    My fiance and I are doing message-in-a-bottle favors. We're buying them from Michael's every time we get a 40% off coupon. We'll roll up a little thank you note and put it inside and then fill it with M&Ms in our colors. We'll probably tie a ribbon around the neck of the bottle, too. You could still incorporate the idea but use it in a different way :)
  • That's a great idea too! Thanks

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