January 2012 Weddings

Hello January Brides! :)

So I changed my wedding date from July 28th, 2012 to January 7, 2012. I'm so excited! I never imagined I would have a Winter wedding but now that i really think about it, I love everything about Winter (hot cocoa, warm fire places...).

 Is anyone else getting married in a place that doesn't exactly snow? I live in Orange County, CA so it will definitey be cold but no snow for us.

Anywho, I just wanted to meet other January 2012 brides so we could share our progress and ideas.
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Re: Hello January Brides! :)

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    I'm also testing out my wedding ticker...it doesn't seem to work..

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    I live in New Orleans, it doesn't snow here, it has, but it is rare. It will probably be cold, well for us cold is in the 50s-40s, maybe 30s.

    The reason I picked January was becasue it was after the holidays and maybe the Saints won't be playing. It is before Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, Escence Fest and all the other fests. And after all the college bowl games that play here.

    I'm not having a "winter theme".

    We are having charcoal BM dresses with bright colored flowers.
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    Hello January Brides! I am also getting married on January 7! Isn't that funny? But my wedding takes place in Gettysburg, PA. So snow might be option, or maybe not. I was wondering what everybody was thinking about back-up plans, if winter weather occurs? (I guess this question is only for people in places where it actually snows or ices lol). What are your thoughts on this? Thanks, and happy planning!

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    Hi everyone! I'm doing Jan 14, 2012 and our winter weather plan is pretty much crossing our fingers and hoping! lol. Not much you can really do. I'm in NYC so snow is always a possibility but last few years havn't been too bad in Jan, so we're hoping the trend continues. We made sure to speak to our venue about what contingencies they have in place for snow and such. At the end of the day though all the planning in the world wont control the weather so we're not going to stress it.

    Besides when we got the quotes from the venue we wanted it was 20%!!! cheaper in jan from november, how can you turn that down?
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    As far as winter weather plans go, I am pretty much 100% guarenteed at least 6-15inches of snow already on the ground for my wedding...In MN January is right smack dab in the middle of snow season. :) I am just going to pray that no blizzards happen the day before or day of, but otherwise since I'm in the city and most of my guests live in the area, I'm just going to rely on their good winter driving skills to get them there!
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    Hey everyone!  I am a possible January 2012 bride - but I was also getting nervous about what would happen if there is a snowstorm!  Reading your posts make me feel a lot better.

    jgnevins - I am also getting married in NYC!
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    Hello Brides-To-Be!

    I am also a January bride to be in 2012. Our date is set for the 21st, We live in Florida. I wanted an outdoor wedding but I don't think that will be possible in January... Anywhoo, got engaged on Thanksgiving and I look forward to chatting with you ladies up to the month! Congrats! X0X0X0.
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    Hey i'm also getting married January 7th :) Im in Arizona though so definitely NO snow!! I'm hoping it doesn't snow too bad anywhere prior to that day though since a large number of our guests will be coming from the east coast!! Lucky them :)
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