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Baby Dreams

I had a dream over the weekend that DH and I had a baby girl and we named her Amelia. As soon as I woke up I told DH about it and rather than freaking out (or over analyzing it) he goes, you know I really like that name and may be its a sign that we will be having a girl for our first.

It just mad me awww and love him that much more!

Anyone else having baby dreams?

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Re: Baby Dreams

  • I actually had a dream that I was breast feeding. My MIL had several dreams about me having a baby.

    Amelia is a great, and unique name. I love his reaction too!
  • AWW 

    No dreams for me.
  • Oh but I forgot to add, that I am named Jennifer becuase it came to my mom in a dream!
  • I haven't had any dreams about babies yet, but he has. Anthony has a dream we were going to have a girl as our first child. As a result we picked a name, Abigal. We were looking for a middle name that started with an M since the first name is his first initial we thought the middle name could be my first initial, but I haven't found anything I like. His mom suggested Abigal Grace. I think Grace was his grandmother's name.
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    [QUOTE]Anyone else having baby dreams?
    Posted by sassygirl5401[/QUOTE]

  • I do every now and then. I have a strong feeling that my first child will be a girl. My mom says she feels that way too. IDK why. Therefore, I have been thinking more and more about girl names. But H is really hard to please when it comes to names. We've only agreed on a few and those few are certainly not my favorite. 

    Amity, I know a little 9 month old named Amelia. The mother named her that because Amelia Bedelia were her favorite books as a kid.  As much as I love books I don't think I would name my child after a fictional character. Oh wait, I was named after a character on a soap opera, so I guess it's acceptable. 
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  • Tara- The only reason I can think of that I dreamt of that name is because it is the name of a character in Private Practice. Its funny because I've always wanted just boys but can only seem to think of girl names and its always been that way.
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  • I have been loving abigail lately too.... abigail grace  sounds like a good combination to me.
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