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So here's my story about David's Bridal on Oracle and Auto Mall and the amazing service there! I wasn't even going to go there because someone had told me they were impersonal and unfriendly, but I decided what the heck and went anyway. Well, I had no idea what to expect because it was my first dress shopping experience, but my consultant, Ellen, took care of me from head to toe. She was so committed to me getting exactly what I wanted and made me feel so comfortable even though I was there alone. 

Well, the third dress I tried on was the one, but I didn't want to order it that day because I wasn't even sure I could afford it yet, which I expressed to Ellen. She said that's totally understandable and said she would put everything into the computer that I would need, get a total for me, and save all my info so I could come back to it when I needed to.

I'm almost 6' tall in flats, so I have to order my dress in extra length. This dress can be ordered with a custom bolero jacket which is adorable. Well, some computer glitch happened that wouldn't let them order the dress in extra length with the matching jacket! So... without me even saying I was definitely going to order the dress... they called about 4 different corporate departments and both Ellen and the floor manager, Tina, worked on it until they had a whole new style number created just for me! These girls were committed to me getting the dress of my dreams, and now I am! I have spent years in retail so I have learned o appreciate when someone goes the extra mile, but these girls went an extra 10 miles barefoot! 

Seriously, I am so happy with the dress, the way they paid attention to every detail of the fit, and the way they treated me like I deserve to have everything I want and more! 

If you haven't made your dress decision, go to David's Bridal!!!! Ask for Ellen! Even if you don't fall for a dress there, I promise you'll have an amazing experience!

Oh... but definitely make an appointment on a weekday, because weekends there are cutthroat. 
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Re: Vendor Review: David's Bridal

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    nice to know. thanks for the post
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    I agree!  They treated my BM so very well and when I had to go in to buy swatches they gave me their last samples just I could have them.  I am seriously impressed with those ladies.

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    My experience wasn't so great there. They were so busy that day that the girl who was supposed to be my consultant was barely around. My friends and family had to help me in and out of the dresses instead of just being able to see me come out in it. She made a commission off me and all she did was pull the dresses off the rack and hang them in my room.
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    A little follow up on my vendor review....

    I went back to David's Bridal a second time the other night, and I couldn't get an appointment with the girl I had before because I was trying to coordinate my family being able to come with me to see me in the dress, so I had to take whatever consultant was available that night. The girl I ended up getting, was (there is no nicer way to put this) a complete moron. She knew nothing about wedding dresses, how to get me in it (which she didn't really help me with much anyway), or even their layaway policies. It was a damn good thing my sister was there because she had to help me get into my strapless bra and slip and tighten my corset because the girl barely tied it at all. I was telling this lady how to do her job. And she completely disappeared for long periods of time even though we were one of 2 parties in the store that night. She didn't even talk to me very much and seemed annoyed at my sister and bridesmaid because they also wanted to try on bridesmaid dresses while they were there. It was pathetic.

    I know this 2nd girl could have been new, but as a retail manager I am a real stickler for consistent hiring and training. It just shocked me that the two experiences were so extremely different. Needless to say, I did not buy my dress that night because I want to make sure my first girl gets all the commission from my dress and my BM dresses. 

    So, in conclusion, it seems it really does matter who you get there. Just ask for Ellen and avoid getting Terry and you should be fine. Smile
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    I've worked with Kristie there and she is fabulous.  There's an older gentelemn there who's name has slipped my mind, I think it might be Chuck, who is also wonderful.  
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    I went in to try on gowns a while back so I could get a general idea on which style looked best on me. I decided to go to David's Bridal because they're your run of the mill dress shop. I was completely excited to go, made yes/no signs for my bridesmaids (super cute and very fun) and made our appointment well in advance. We were set up with a girl named Neecy/Neecie/Neesy (I have no idea how to spell it) who is a complete dolt. I gave her a list of dresses I was interested in trying on (a few of which I was genuinely impressed with and thought I might buy). She was completely personality-less until my maids started gushing over a particular dress. But I wasn't completely sold on it. In fact, we all later like a different one better. But, Neecy, in all her wisdom began trying to talk me into the former one, telling me it was perfect, my style, etc. (I didn't find out until later that it was actually the more expensive one. ha!) I told her that I wouldn't be making any decisions until I try on one that they hadn't in stock yet. It was actually a dress from this year's fall line and is spectacular! She told me that they would get it in within the following two weeks. We made the appointment.

    Two weeks later, my Mom (step mom, who has NOT been enthusiastic about any of this wedding planning. She thinks we all make too much of a deal over them when it is really all about the marriage; a point of view I understand and support but, well, hell's bells! I do love me a celebration) was trying really hard to be supportive and show interest and cleared her schedule to come to David's Bridal with me, including one of my Bridesmaids as well. We show, they get Neecy and Neecy tells me they don't have the dress yet. Then stares at me stupidly (I'm sorry, but there isn't another way to say it), I suppose waiting for me to make the next move. Rather than vent and tell her how disappointed I am and explain the amount of inconveniencies she had caused, I ask if there is a way she could call me when they DO get the dress in, so as to avoid wasting even more of my time. "ummm.... I'm not sure if I can do that... ummm...."

    So, we went to lunch and ate lunch and a big desert. Idiot.
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