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How do you sort through all the photographers??

How did you guys sort through the hundreds of area photographers?! Any recommendations on affordable ones?

Re: How do you sort through all the photographers??

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    Lots of patience. Start with you budget and narrow from there. I chose the photographer whose photos made me smile the most.
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    [QUOTE]How did you guys sort through the hundreds of area photographers?! Any recommendations on affordable ones?
    Posted by Siobhan112[/QUOTE]

    <div>Well luckily I knew one, and I love his work! He's affordable and he's one of Patrick Properties Group's (of Lowndes Grove and William Aiken House) photographers that they use.</div><div>
    </div><div><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></div><div>
    </div><div>But yes, there are literally hundreds...</div>
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    It's good advice to start with your budget.  When I was researching photographers I got one portfolio in the mail that offered a high end package priced at $30,000!!  Most are more reasonably priced, but there is still a wide variety. 
    The photographer we chose for my daughter's wedding was recommended by a friend of ours who had used her for her wedding.  I think knowing someone who was pleased both with the quality of photographs and the temperment of the photographer is important. 
    We chose Jenna Marie Photography and were not disappointed.  She was well within our budget and takes amazing photographs!   Check her out on the Wedding Row!!
    Good luck!!
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    Thank you all for the advice!
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    I emailed lots and lots of photographers and then narrowed it down based on price, responsiveness and the overall quality of the pictures and how well they can edit.  Then I selected my photographer.  Priscilla Thomas Photography.  Here is a link to my engagement photos that we just got back.  I love them!! 
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    Here’s my advice for hiring a wedding photographer:  Do not hire them based on friends recommendations, how great their pictures are online, and no matter how nice a person they are, that does not mean they will take great pictures of you.  Meet with them in person, make sure they will listen to you, make sure they will give you the direction you need to get the best pictures possible of your day.  ALWAYS get engagement pictures taken, they are the trial run of you & your photographer for your wedding day!
    I used Amy Prikzasky, and I hired her based on the recommendation of a friend, her prices, and I liked her online photos.  But my DH & I were really disappointed in some of the pictures, and more than a few were missing that we would have liked to have.  We should have been tipped off by the fact that she didn't listen to us, and some of her pictures were sub par.  If you are not comfortable in front of the camera, get someone who will coach you (it would have helped us a lot if Amy had done this).  Make sure your contract states that you get ALL of the photographs, not just the ones chosen by the photographer.  If things don't work out, be prepared with a backup choice that you can easily move to.  Your pictures will be the most important reminder of your day, so make your choice wisely!  Good luck!

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    Awesome!!! You guys are amazing and definitely helped me out a lot with your advice!  Joannrichm - thanks for your advice on engagement photos - I wasn't even going to have them done, but you make a great point!
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    Just another note on this topic - don't limit yourself to Charleston photographers. Although they know the area their prices can be much higher just because it is such a hot spot for weddings. A lot of photographers are dying to do a wedding in Charleston and will beat the prices of those in the area! I looked through hundreds, literally, and ended up getting a whole package (engagements, bridals, and wedding) for less than just 5 hrs of the wedding with a few of the Charleston photographers. Mine is not local, but because I know the area well myself and where I want to take pictures, that doesn't bother me. 

    Good luck! :)
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    I made a spreadsheet and ended up with 34 tabs for each photographer I was interested in. I pretty much copied/pasted any info that was on their site and also emailed them for more info. It helped me to have everything in one file.

    It was the hardest vendor for me to pick and took the longest but I feel like I have really picked the best person for our style. It's just a personal decision. You have to try to pick the best for your budget. I went with Jenna Marie Moore:   She's an absolute doll in person and I really loved her pictures/style. Our engagement pics are Oct. 26th. I can't wait! If you want to see my spreadsheet I can email it to you.





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    Could you please email me the spreadsheet? I would love to see it, if you still have it. 
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    Definitely check out jennamarie weddings!  She did my middle daughter's wedding and my oldest daughter's maternity shoot!  We LOVE her!!!!

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    I just had my wedding in September and I chose Priscilla Thomas Photography.  She is amazing to work with.  I loved my engagement photos and loved my sneak peek photos of my wedding.  still waiting to get the rest back.  Jenna Marie also has great photos!  i wanted to use her but did not hear back from her in time.  best of luck!
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    I can't seem to find one that's under $2k.  We really never wanted to spend that much on a photographer.  This is my second wedding and I can't believe how much the price of wedding photography has gone up.  If you all know of anyone in the area that is reasonable (less than what I'm seeing around), please let me know!
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