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Review of Sept 17 Folly Beach (Charleston) Wedding

HI, I was married Sept 17 at our destination wedding in Folly Beach, South Carolina and we had a great time!!   I wish I had some pictures right now to show it looked.

Background: My husband and I met at work in Utah and moved to California for new jobs when the layoffs started.  My husband is from South Carolina and I am from Utah.  We decided to have the wedding in Charleston because his elderly grandma would not be able to travel. 

We rented a beach house for the wedding we had the house from Sept 14 thru the 21st.  We rented through Fred Holand Realty.  I worked with Tracy there and she was very nice because I changed my house three times.  We changed houses the last time because they changed their guest limit to allow for more people. We ended up renting the house next to the house we put on our invitation.  The house was large and had 4 bedrooms and had nice views of the ocean.  It wasn't ocean front but the views were just as great and had a little walk way to the beach.  This house had a nice backyard area where we had the ceremony and reception. 

Fred Holland took care of submitting the party permits.  They also responded when we had a minor leak.  The only real complaint we had is the house had two pull out couches but they do not provide linens for those beds and would cost an extra $10.  We weren't told about this so we didn't know.    We used extra blankets from the closets for these beds.  Good thing this is where my teenage nephews were sleeping..they didn't care.  

I ordered flowers from and they were gorgeous.  I ordered some white gerbera daisies and some tinted blue daisies.  I bought some vases from the dollar store near Folly Beach.  I made two simple bouquets with the flowers and they were very pretty.  When I ordered the flowers a representative called within an hour to verify the order and when the flowers were delivered called to confirm delivery and to ask if I how they were.  I was very happy with them. 

My caterer was the Crazy Dutchman Catering and they were GREAT!!

We used them for the rehearsal dinner and they reception.  We had heavy appetizers for the rehearsal dinner.  The pimento cheese was yummy!! 

For the wedding reception we had cooked on site shrimp and it was fresh and good.  We also had pulled pork, okra and tomatoes, mac and cheese, sauteed veggies and balsamic asparagus.  All of it was great.  We did have to much food but that was because a lot of people who said they were coming didn't show up.  They also ran the bar and the bar tender was great. 

I will be posting on his Facebook page my very positive reviews when I get some photo's. 

Crazy Dutchman also helped me with the rentals.  They told me what I needed and how much.  That was  very helpful because I had not idea what I needed. 

Photography was by Julia DuMars of Folly Photo's.  She was wonderful. I just don't like having all the pictures taken and being the center of attention.  I can't wait to see the photo's.  I didn't start looking for a photographer until two weeks before the wedding.  It was the last thing I did. She was very nice. 

Wedding Cakes..I didn't want to pay for a large cake.  So I ordered five small cakes from Publix's.  One caramel cake, two chocolate, one white and one red velvet. The cakes I tasted tasted great and they looked beautiful on the cake table.  Publix's has some fancy cakes.

My dress was a tea length dress from Unique Vintage and was very pretty.  Its not exactly what my husband was thinking but I think it looked very pretty.

We had a great time with everybody who came.  We rented a second house for 4 days for my husbands guy ended up looking like a frat house by the end of the weekend but they had a great time and it did get cleaned up.  My dad rented a house from Fred Holland.  They had one small problem.  After they checked into their house on Wednesday the owners showed up on Thursday and wanted to stay in the house.  They were moved to a new house.  The new house was better, ocean front, but it was a hassle. 

Everybody had great time in Charleston.


Re: Review of Sept 17 Folly Beach (Charleston) Wedding

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    Your wedding sounds wonderful! Congratulations!

    It sounds very much like the wedding that my FI and I are putting together-- did you have dancing at your reception?  I'm wondering if that's something that can happen at these beach house rentals regarding noise ordinances.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated!  
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