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Decent Priced Bay Area DJ?

Everywhere I have looked the prices for a DJ are insane. I need one that is decent priced and out crazy out of my price range. I guess I am being cheap about it. I really don't want to spend over $200 for one.
I'm thinking in the end if I don't find one I will have the sound guy at my church man my laptop and we do all the music from there.
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Re: Decent Priced Bay Area DJ?

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    I haven't seen any prices that low.  You might be better off going the laptop/iPod route.  If the sound guy at your church is willing to do it that would be great and then you can use part of your $200 budget to tip him.  Good Luck!
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    Yeah, the cheapest I have heard of so far is $500 and I can't even find that any more.  Lowest I have found has been $650.  I say go the route with your church sound guy and do what Lindze75 says and tip him with part of it and use the rest for something else.  Have a great wedding!
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    Check craigslist.  For under $200 you will have to do the ipod/mixed tape thing.  Ours is $600 and we're getting a discount because he's my aunts boss.
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