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Typical cost of flowers

Could someone please tell me how much flowers typically cost? I am just starting the planning process and am planning on meeting with a florist. I just want to make sure I'm not being overcharged.


Re: Typical cost of flowers

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    i've heard quotes that are high ($225+ for bride's bouquet) to average/low ($125 for bride's bouquet). i'd shop around if you can.
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    It does depend on the flowers you choose, the number of bouquets/bouts/centerpieces you want and the size/complexity of style, etc.  Mine are pretty cheap ($250-300) because I only want flowers for the bridal party (Bride, 2BM, Groom, 1GM, 1RB, 2FG, 3Moms, 2Dads, 2 extra guys) and the flowers should look like they're from a garden.  Nothing too "done", lots of color, any flower goes (no large lillies or callas due to allergies/style).  I was also able to talk my florist down on delivery charges ($20 vs. $50-100) since we don't need setup, just someone to bring the flowers to the site.

    It's best to figure out what your budget is before you speak with a florist.  Bring pictures of what you're looking for, and be prepared to explain why you like/dislike a certain style.  Also, don't be afraid to say "My budget is $XXX, what can you do with it?" 
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    It is best to know what kind of flowers you like/want and what your budget is before you meet with the florist. Definitely shop around - we met with 3 florists before deciding on one - Nicole Ha in San Jose (but she does travel since our wedding was in SF). My cost was $5,000 and that included my bouquet, 2  BM, groom's, 2 GM, flower girl's pomander, flowers for grandma, 2 moms, 3 sisters, 3 brothers-in-law, and also for family members, flowers for the cake. It included lighting and draping costs as well for 2 locations. She did an excellent job and I couldn' t be more happy with everything that she did.
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    Like pp said it depends on flowers and the amount that you need.  My list included:
    Brides bouquet
    5 BM Bouquets
    Grooms Bout
    5 GM Bouts
    2 Dads Bouts
    1 Grandpa Bout
    2 Moms corsages
    4 Grandma corsages
    2 Chuch alter arrangements
    7 table centerpieces
    1 toss bouquet

    My quotes ranged from $1500-4000.  I went on the lower side with a budget of $2000.

    I'm getting married in May when most flowers are in season and mother's day is over so the price hike for that shouldn't affect me.  I'm using primarily orchids and hydrangeas.

    I went with Three Sisters Flowers in Palo Alto but would be happy to provide feedback on the other florists I met with if that's helpful!
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    Thanks everyone! I met with one florist and am meeting with several more. I can already see that the quotes can definitely vary.
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    Can someone tell me WHY a bouquet costs $150+?

    It's like a dozen, maaaybe 2, of flowers. There's no mathematical logic behind it. Any insight would be greatly appreciated before I go to Safeway the day I get married and put together a bouquet myself for less than $20.

    Severe sticker shock here, sorry!
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    You are paying for someone to do the artistic work for you.  That's why it's so expensive.  If you have the time, are creatively gifted, and don't mind doing them yourself, you can't spend more than $40 or $50 on your own bouquet, even if you use expensive flowers. I priced mine (since I will be doing all the work) and $200 will have me swimming in flowers, for myself, the BM, MIL, even table arrangements.  

    My only concern was getting the flowers to the ceremony and reception... and then I thought about my BM and my FI's BM.  We could take care of ourselves on our big day.  They could help us transport the flowers.  We talked it over with them, and it was a done deal.

    HINT:  Flowers are pretty, in and of themselves.  You would have to work really hard to make them look ugly.  Best of luck to you!  :-)  
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    Thanks Mai Lan! I definitely think I am going to go your route and DIY, even with the flowers. I trust myself and my FMIL has friends who are chomping at the bit to help out - what a good way to include them, right? :P
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    lol Rachelcarson...I hear you on that. My bouquet alone is $175. I have a godmother who is willing to pay for it though so that's good news! Otherwise I would totally put them together myself. :)
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    Kudos and more power to anyone willing to do their own flowers for their wedding! I also wondered how a bouquet could cost so much. I actually took a floral desing class at a community college with every intention of doing my wedding flowers. Let me tell you, it is so much harder than it looks! Maybe I am just lacking talent. But my class "projects" were so messy and sorry looking that I decided to just pay up and buy my flowers. You may want to check out Flowers by Anne, she was priced very reasonably if you do decide to purchase. Either way it wouldn't hurt to do a couple of "practice" bouquets well before the wedding so you can get a feel for how to do it. Who knows, maybe you will have much more of a knack for it than I did  :)
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    My fiancee and I are having a very, very casual wedding. So, I went to Michaels and got all the Bouquets I needed for $40....5BM plus mine, Having Silk flowers doesnt bother me at all, plus they will last forever. We'll also get the GM bouts there too. But for our mothers, step mothers and fathers, we will go to a real florist. I figure since these people raised us and are helping us, they deserve the real thing. This is just me though....

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    We are using Flowers by Anne for our October 30th wedding.  Her quote was 50% of another quote I received.  I am paying approximately $2500 for my bouquet, 5 bridesmaids, groom, 5 groomsmen, 5 corsages for moms and important female family members, 20 centerpieces, 2 ceremony arrangements, and my toss bouquet. 

    Anne is able to do it for less because she works out of her house and doesnt have the overhead of a traditional florist. 

    I would avoid "The Flower House". Their prices were almost double what Anne's were and the owner actually told a friend of mine that she had "Neiman Marcus taste and a Walmart budget"
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    Very affortable and beautiful work.
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