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I'm an August 2010 bride, so that's where I call home on TK, but I had to at least introduce myself, and post here once!  I mean it'd be so wrong to not at least say "hi" considering I have called the Bay home nearly my whole life. 

So hello, I'm Brandy, and my FI is Phil.  We are at abt 82 days now til our wedding, and we are very anxious to finally be married!  Our honeymoon is in Canada, (cuz we've seen the Caribbean, Mexico, and Hawaii) and we are super excited to city hop up north.

Hope all of your wedding planning is going swimmingly...!  See you on the boards. :-)

Re: Hiya!

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    Hi Brandy!

    I also call a different board "home" (June '10), but I'm really trying to get this one more active. :)

    Tell us a little more about your wedding- getting married in the city? Colors? Thing you're most excited for?

    What part of Canada are you visiting for the honeymoon? I am a huge Canada fan, esp Victoria. For our honeymoon, we were going to roadtrip it, but it was too many days off work. So Hawaii it is. :)
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    Getting married in Los Gatos actually.  The wedding will be quite smallish 100 guests or less  :-)    (I hope...)

    Colors are orange flowers and accents and a dark pretty blue everything else.  It's a very contemporary wedding, and we are trying to keep it very personal and detail-oriented.  I'm a fan of a thoroughly cohesive look!

    Most excited for the food!!!  haha Besides the food tho, of course the marriage is what's most wonderful, and seeing our friends and family in one place.  I also am enjoying the pre-wedding festivites! 

    We're doing Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, Niagara on the Lake, and Ottowa in Canada.  I loved Hawaii tho!

    What's your/everyone else's plans?

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    Hi Brandy!!  you must be so STOKED!!  double digits??  ahhh!

    where is your wedding??  give us some deets!  mine isnt until Sept 2011, so i've got plenty of time...just trying to enjoy being engaged and the planning process in general.

    Kim ~ we are doing Hawaii too!  what island(s) are you doing??  i have been asking around for recs....i think i want to do 10 days.  5 days in Kauai and 5 in Oahu.....any input??

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    oh...we must have been typing at the same time!

    ours is in Healdsburg (most likely will finalize by the end of this month =)
    around 75 guests - kind of like a garden party type thing.  non-traditional with lots of DIY and such.  we're so excited to have all of our friends and family too b/c they are all coming from NY/NJ to celebrate.  it will be great to have our east coast peeps mixed with our west coast peeps....YAY!
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    hehe reese we must have been!  Yours sounds very pretty!  I love that area too. You're in the early stages it of planning it seems, but don't think for a second that it won't fly by fast!  Once I hit 100 days...I swear that time was ticking faster.  Now that we're within the 90 days, we're within the time frame for the marriage license, and if that isn't insane and REAL, I'm not sure what is!

    I'll try to post on here more often...was telling Kim I'm a loyal August 2010 Board Knottie, but I should make a point to post here too :-)  Bedtime now tho..I'm like a grandma...
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    reese- we're going to maui for 8 days. i've been to all the mojor islands (the big island, oahu, maui, kauai), but FI's never been to any, so i thought maui was a good place to start- it's got the best mix of everything for being one island, IMO. kauai is really quiet, so it's the perfect place to just sit and relax, but there isn't too much else to do. oahu is great because of all the history and nightlife- so if you see both islands, i think you'll get the best of both worlds. but... i might spend less time on oahu- most of the touristy stuff is close together, wheresa with kauai, it's a littl more spread out. wow that was long. HTH.

    brandy- we're getting married on the 12th, so about 25 days left. i know how you feel about time flying by! our colors are black and white with light pink accents. im probably most excited about the food, too, esp the cake! :) and the honeymoon, of course. im confident honeymoons aren't so the newlyweds can spend time with each other, it's because they need a nice vacation after all the planning. lol.
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    thank you So much!!
    1 more question - can i fly directly to Kauai?  or do i have to stop first?  i'd be flying out of SFO. 

    i think i want to do Kauai first b/c we'll want to relax after the wedding madness and traveling - then after we start to get bored or antsy, head to Oahu for some hiking/sightseeing/etc.  FUNtivities...
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    hey guys!  i'm normally on the Oct 2010 boards, but I like to check this board out too... i'm glad its starting to get more active :)

    I'm Leanne, and FI's name is Gary and we're getting married on Oct 9, 2010 in Milpitas... our reception is in San Jose.... our colors are teal and silver (ala Sharks!) and we're going for a very traditonal Filipino, Catholic wedding. 

    anyone else here from the south bay? :)
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    reese- you can totally fly directly into kauai. it might be a bit more expensive and you wont have as many options for times, but i think it's worth not having a layover. at that point, you just want to get your rental car and head to the hotel. lol

    aleanette- good to see you!
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    got it....thanks, girl!!!
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    aleanette - I'm from the South Bay!  My fiance, Adam and I (Lindsey) call Santa Clara home.  We'll be getting married at the Santa Clara Mission and our reception is in Campbell.  Do you have a videographer you recommend??
    Congrats to all!

    Time Flies - seriously!  I'm at 10 days!  OMG I'm stressing with all my projects.  I'm a procrastinator and always thought, "hmmm, why are brides doing thier programs/table numbers/whatever months before the wedding - there's plenty of time!" NOT!  Just finished the favors last night with help from my wedding party (thank God for them) and I have to start on the programs ASAP.  Also have to do the table numbers and am ditching the menu idea since I just feel too stressed.

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    Lindze: unfortunately, no I don't... I think we're going to skip the videographer =/  just too pricey for us
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