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SF-related Wedding Favors?

Hi Ladies,

FI is from SF, but we're getting married in my hometown in Texas. I'd like to incorporate something from the city into our wedding and included the skyline/bridge in our stationery and was now trying to come up with a favor idea.

Can you think of anything else besides Ghirardelli chocolates that would be SF-related?

Thanks in advance for your help! Very much appreciated.

Re: SF-related Wedding Favors?

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    Napa wines, things shaped like the GG bridge or Coit tower (although those would probably be silly trinkets), Silicon Valley stuff (memory stick?)
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    rice-a-roni , just kidding :) Beach Blanket Babylon has been in SF since the early 70's (according to wikipedia).
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    cookies in the shape of the GG?
    i like the rice-a-roni idea as a funny favor.
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    I'm thinking of using little packets of sourdough starter, or making my own depending on the price-route I go. You can buy the packets from a variety of places.

    just a thought. :)
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    My fiance is a huuuuge SF Giants our wedding is black and white with orange flowers and we're both baseball we're trying to do sometype of baseball theme for our favors.

    Maybe do some round cookies with the SF logo =)
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    Thank you for the suggestions! Love the SF logo type stuff...and I think I may end up doing SOMEthing with the Rice-A-Roni...just cause :-)
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