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spanx question

I just got a pair of spanxs to wear under my wedding gown. Do you wear panites still or just wear the spanxs as is.

Re: spanx question

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    Just personal preference, I'd wear panties underneath.  Spanx tends to stick, and least with some cotton in between you can breathe a little
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    i have worn spanx before and i didnt wear any underwear.  it was too bulky for me.  plus...its one more layer to get through when you have to pee! 
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    I have the spanx (sorry for the TMI) that covered from the chest down to the thighs so underwear doesn't make sense. It's never been a problem.
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    definetly wear panties under the spanx..
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    I think it's personal preference.

    I have the kind that goes from the bottom of the bra down. It has a convenient hole for bathroom trips. I don't wear underwear; part of the point of Spanz is keeping the VPL problem away!

    Why not try it both ways when you go out to dinner, under a dress you already own that has similar fabric to your wedding gown? A dinner-long trial run each way is a lot less committment than a wedding-day marathon!

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