10 Downings Ceremony + Reception?

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I'm planning a November wedding in Savannah.  I have 10 Downings booked for our reception, but have not decided on a plan for the ceremony yet.  I want something extremely simple (I had originally considered a courthouse ceremony!), but my fiance insists that all guests attend the ceremony.  We will have absolutely no more than 50 guests - perhaps as low as 35.  

I am planning my wedding from out of state and can not visit any of the venues to see for myself!

I am considering holding our ceremony in the 10 Downing room - guests would be seated at their dinner tables and we would come down a space between the tables.  Has anyone seen the 10 Downing space? If so, what are your thoughts on this plan?  I read that the venue can seat upto 86 guests.  

Also, thoughts on a DJ in that small space?

Thank you!!!

Re: 10 Downings Ceremony + Reception?

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    I have seen the space at 10 Downing.  While it is a great place for a small reception or rehersal dinner, in my opinion, I wouldn't do a ceremony there.  There are beautiful squares in Savannah that would be great places for a small ceremony.  There are several squares with gorgeous fountains.  Crawford and Whitfeild squares have pretty little gazebos.  Others have beautiful oak trees dripping with with Spanish moss. 
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    I agree; I am having my rehearsal dinner at 10 Downing.  The space is will love it.  But, it is likely a bit tight for the ceremony in addition to the reception. But, if you are only having 35-50 guests, you will definitely have space for a DJ and dance space...that will fit easily.
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    Thanks for the info! I'm planning from Seattle, so it's great to hear other positive things about the space since I can't come see it for myself!
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    I think you could have your ceremony there but it would be difficult to "flip" the room from chairs to chairs & tables if you aren't going into another area during cocktail hour or something. I agree with the posters about trying a square. It is affordable and beautiful.

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    Remember that if you have the ceremony outside, you'll need to have a Plan B in case of incliment weather.
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