I'm getting married in March of next year. I'm looking for an all inclusive venue for ceremony and reception for 50-60 guests in the Atlanta/South Georgia area. My budget is around $5000. It doesn't have to be all inclusive but I perfer it to be. Any suggestions/tips would be greatly appreciated!!

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  • You should look into working with Coastal Creative Events. They are a wedding coordinater in Savannah/Tybee Island. I was looking for the EXACT same thing, with the same budget! They offer packages that include the wedding ceremony, flowers, reception, decorations, EVERYTHING. It took a lot of the stress off of me. They are coordinating our wedding, and we have planned for September 2013, and without having ever been to Savannah, they have helped me to pick everything and made me feel very comfortable and excited. I would definitely contact them very soon though because the best venues in Savannah book up a year in advance!
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    Check into Vic's on the River in Savannah. You can reserve the stoddard room and for around that price you get most everything you need for the reception. I know they've done ceremonies there but I don't know any details about that. (And it is much cheaper on Friday/Sunday instead of Saturday.)

    But do it fast because they do book up quickly!
  • Well, I collected the list of the event venues for company party providing good services. In that atlanta event venue for company party is the superb option for all. These venues are well desingned for party and also avail world class services.
  • I'm looking at using Coastal Creative Events as well, please do post after the wedding on how everything went! I'm booking for April 2014
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