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I got engaged last month and really want to plan a wedding in Savannah. I live in Orlando, FL so I have not had a chance to go up and check things out since I have been engaged. 

What I am looking for is any input on planning a wedding in Savannah. I have not planned one detail yet. I would like to get married in the spring but I am open to any suggestions on the best time to get married in Savannah!!

Thank you guys! I am really excited to start planning! 
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Re: Where to start?

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    CONGRATULATIONS! And Savannah is beautiful! You're going to love it!
    The only thing I'd say is the closer you are to the summer the more chance of rain. I rains at around 4pm everyday, like clockwork during the summer. If it's an indoor wedding, it won't matter, but if you want anything outdoors, it might get tricky.

    There are a ton of places to look at too. Downtown Savannah has great parks that are pretty inexpensive plus great resturants, B&Bs all within walking distance of any parking area. Savannah is great about being able to park and walk to any place you want to go. I've seen wedding at Bethesda School for boys (very pretty), at the chapel on Hunter Army Airfield and Mighty 8th Air Force Museum, the Mackey House (BEAUTIFUL), the Mansion on Forsyth, the Savannah Station - there are so many places - plus all the churches. You won't have a problem finding a place.

    There are also a ton of great photographers - I love Pro Deo Creations because they keep their business a ministry (which equals great products for less), others are Bella Vita Photography and Jim Holmes. With SCAD right there you can find a lof of aspiring photographers if you want to go the extreme budget route.

    Food is king in Savannah so you won't find any trouble with caterers. I swear if you google resturants in Savannah (because almost everyone caters), pick a genere you like and go with any that pop up. They're almost all good. I think all the weddings I've been to in Savannah have had the reception at the resturant - Garabaldi's, the Pink House, Churchills, Avia, the 700 Drayton and Bull Street Chop House.

    I could go on and on... but I won't! :-) haha! Hope this helps you get started.
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    There are so many options....what are you looking for?  Large wedding?  Small wedding?  Low budget or high budget? Married outdoors or indoors?  I did a lot of planning, as did a few other girls on here, but there are so many options, its easier to suggest places for you to look at if we know what you want in terms of size, etc.
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