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Ideas needed

 October 13, 2012 wedding date has been set.  Our ceremony is going to be small and casual.  The quest list total is around 20 people. 

    1)Looking for a local restuarant to take our Wedding party and quest out to eat for the "reception"?

   2)Some where to go dancing and listen to music?

    3)What time should we have the ceremony?  It will be Forsyth Park?

Any suggestions are welcome!!  Thanks!

Re: Ideas needed

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    We are getting married on Tybee Island at 8:30 am..(time not by choice). And we are taking everyone to The Sunrise Restaurant. My fiance and I both love hole in the wall restaurants so it works well for us. :) I would google places to eat--and reserve now. We wanted the Dolphin Reef but they were already booked. Good luck! :)
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    In Oct, I would do mid day to late afternoon. 
    For restaruants, I would check out Churchill's, The Shell House, jazz'd, Belford's, The Boar's Head or Vic's on the River. 
    We had our after wedding party at McDonough's.  It's one of our favorite places. We had a blast.  You could also do Savannah Smiles.

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    We got married in Forsyth Park at 6 p.m., two weeks ago. The lighting was perfect! Of course, 6 p.m. would be dark at that time of year. I would go with 2 hours before sunset.

    You can see a pic of our wedding at www.denisegonsales.com --- It's the first picture in the slide show :) BTW, if you don't have a photographer yet, Denise is awesome!!!
  • How about The Pink Wedding Cottage? We are a restored Home in the historic district. We offer delectable Southren catering at a reasonable price. Our lovely courtyard is a perfect place for your musician of choice. Email [email protected] or call Amanda Whitford 912-308-5570
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