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Any thoughts or info on Rock Quarry Farm?

It looks like such a cute location for a reception venue but their website is very limited in its info. Does anyone have any reviews or info concerning the venue? I don't even know what it costs and how many people they can accomodate...Thanks!

Re: Any thoughts or info on Rock Quarry Farm?

  • fgkbridefgkbride member
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    edited December 2011
    I emailed them and they were pretty responsive. We went out and visited and it was supercute! It's close to town, only about 5 minutes from Carrboro. They can hold about 150 and their costs were in line with the other farm venues in the area.
    These are some links to other weddings that were there:
  • maxjury14maxjury14 member
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    I love rock quarry farm but there are also a lot of things to be leary of with this venue.  First, Miles and Camille are not very responsive until leading up to your event.  It took forever to get them to respond to our emails and they very rarely get back to our calls.  I loved the place so much that I contacted another bride that had her wedding there and she said communication was the biggest problem. 

    Another big thing.  NO RESTROOMS. They have port-a-potties.  Only the bride is allowed to use the restroom in the house.  They also no longer rent the rooms out. 
    The pluses, you can start setting up days in advance and take down your stuff days later.  They can provide tables and hay bales for free.  You can also bring in your own caterer and DRINKS!!

    But, they charge 2500 and then you have to hire everything you need.  It starts to get really pricey!!! And there is no real rain backup.  Even with a tent, it is not going to be a permanent structure! 

    The price kind of erked me bc the school I coach volleyball at has their annual graduation party at rock quarry and they only charge 800 bucks.  But for a wedding they significantly raise the price!! 

    So, we are going to have a welcome bbq picnic there instead!

    Hope that was helpful!
  • emendelssohnemendelssohn member
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    edited December 2011
    Not sure what the above poster was talking about. They do still rent the rooms out and they allow the guests to use the bathrooms in the house. There is also a handicap one in one of the barn structures outside. They also have tables and benches you can use. 
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