Hi Everyone! My fiance and I have just decided that it will be better for us to hire a dj for a wedding than to use an ipod--a decision I think I will like in the long run.  Anyone have any recommendations for djs in the Richmond area?  Has anyone used dj bnax or All About the Music? Thanks!

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    Hello! I am using Alan Boyle from Choice Entertainment for my October wedding. So I haven't actually experienced his DJ skills but he comes very highly recommended. And he has a British accent, so anything he says will sound good! Haha. There are also a ton of other DJs through Choice that you can check out too: Good luck!
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    Thank you!
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    Yeah, anyone from Choice should be really good. They require a lot from their DJs. We booked ours a few weeks ago (prob. too late), and they only had a few available, but I feel like any of them would do a great job.
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