Hi ladies,I'm from Richmond so I decided to get married home. We need some good recommendations for bakers. I have an appointment with Jean Jacques, and I heard A Cake to Remember is good, but her square cakes look a bit lopsided to me. Ant help is greatly appreciated.

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    We are using Baker's Kitchen in Midlothian.  Great taste, pretty cakes, reasonable prices, and open to suggestions.  Nice folks!
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    Thank you for the tip.
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    We met with both Jean Jacques and A Cake to Remember and we ended up going with Jean Jacques. There cake tasted better and was priced better then A Cake to Remember and you get an anniversary cake so you don't have to save the top tier.
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    Celebrations by Denise - she's absolutely amazing, and will take as much time as you need to describe exactly what it is that you want.  Her cakes look AND taste fantastic, she's exactly what we were looking for!  Good luck!
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    In my opinion A Cake to Remember has great pricing, she bakes from scratch, and you also get an anniversary cake included for free. She's also the sweetest person to work with.
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