bridal boot camp?

hey ladies! I want to know if anyone has done a bridal boot camp here in Richmond? I'd like some opinions, I don't want to loose weight, just get like my arms and tummy tone but I don't know anything about working out or going to the gym!! the two I found are 


any thoughts? has anyone done a boot camp? anyone else in the area offer one? 

Re: bridal boot camp?

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    I'm too cheap to pay for the gym, so I'm doing a bridal bootcamp workout I found online

    It's designed for losing weight, but I can tell you after the first workout all my muscle were screaming at me, so I definitely think it will help tone too. All you need is 5-15lb dumbells.
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    I don't take part in anything with the words boot camp. 
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    lizstill - you have way more discipline than me! the thing is I would never do it! I wish I would, but I would need to go somewhere on a set schedule with someone so i would actually get things done. Sitting at home trying to do it would just result in me doing a million other things besides working out! 
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    I do Whit's Bridal Bootcamp (styles fitness) and I really like it. The crowd of girls is great, and we work pretty hard. It is really nice to only have to motivate yourself a few times a week- the rest you can go do this! I would say VERY worth the money. You will def see toning results!
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