Bachelorette party ideas needed!!

Help! I'm the MOH for my sister's wedding in October. I am trying to come up with bach. party ideas, but the problem is she doesn't drink and she's actually a police officer so she's not girly AT ALL! She doesn't dance or like to go out much either! Does anyone have any suggestions for things to do in RIC that would still be fun for a group of about 10 or so girls?

Thanks so much!

Re: Bachelorette party ideas needed!!

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    She might like having a party at someone's house or a nice dinner at her fav restaurant.  Also, I've heard breakfast at Godfrey's is interesting, I haven't been yet, but supposedly it's interesting and fun.  It's a Drag Show  Another idea might be Cinebistro, I LOVE this place or take a ladies trip to VA Beach.  Whichever you choose, have fun!!
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    Definitely agree with Godfrey's!  I love the comedy show idea, too!  Another fun idea may be a ceramics or painting party?  I think you can take wine to these things, so you and sip and paint!  Here are a few in RIC

    For a TRULY Richmond experience, you could always do a dinner cruise on the Annabel Lee, as well!  There's also a haunted ghost tour, which I've always wanted to do. 

    And honestly, can you really beat a bowling party?!  Wear a bunch of wigs and fun outfits and hit the lanes!
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    My friends made up extra wedding related cards for Apples to Apples.  We played that in my MOH's hotel room until they paraded me in my feather boas around in the hotel lobby.  Taboo is another good one for that size group.

    If you want to travel somewhere, VA beach would be great. The water is still really warm in the fall.
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    Hey, while i am pretty girly, i'm encouraging an adventure bachelorette party for myself! thinking west va white water rafting, lux. log cabin, sky diving, a little gambeling.....maybe something she'd like? 
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    I went to a Slumber Parties bachelorette party a while back... they sell sex toys & lotions, lingerie, novelties, stuff like that.  We had a blast laughing at some of the "heavy artillery" -it's definitely a party we'll never forget!!!
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