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Caston Studios: B  Our e-pics looked nice, but they used the wrong one for our our STDs.  I LOVE my bridal portraits.  We haven't seen all of our wedding day pics yet, but we like what we've seen so far.  I posted a few in the post asking about Caston's.

Down Under Limosuine: PASS  I didn't actually want a limo, but my mother booked one, so I didn't really have any expectations other than getting me from point A to point B.  The limo was on time and didn't get lost, so I consider it a success, but it wasn't anything spectacular.

Target: Bridesmaid dresses B+ Their dresses run big, and when one of my BMs tried to iron hers, it burnt.  Otherwise, the dresses are great, and it was the right price!

Tuckahoe Women's Club: A-  It cost more than what I would have liked, but it's a beautiful venue and a convenient location.  Plenty of parking.  We did have to rent tabes and chairs though because the Tuckahoe did not have enough round tables, and the chairs were the ugly folding metal ones.

Disc Jockey Services: C- Larry is a nice guy.  He seemed very thorough, and he even asked us how to pronounce unusual names of bridal party members.  He got through that fine but screwed up DH's name.  twice.  He also made a few comments during the garter toss that were a bit too risque for a wedding reception.

Champagne Taste Catering: A Whitney was great to work with.  She brought us food to taste the day before Christmas Eve.  The food at the reception was fabulous.  We had a buffet, but she plated food for DH and me, including the passed apps that had been served during the cocktail hour.  She staff is great, and she provided us with a bartender.  Ours guests were apparently in a wine mood, so Whitney made two extra runs out to get more wine.  She has a deal with a local winery so we got a 30% discount, and Whitney doesn't add any surcharge to it.  We had to bring the beer ourselves.

Westhampton Pastry Shop: A+ Best wedding cake I've ever tasted.  Reasonable price, and the owner is very friendly

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