Large Reception Venue


I'm looking for a UNIQUE venue that can host up to 375 people. I know that's a lot! Looking for something other than the typical hotel. Please help

Re: Large Reception Venue

  • I cannot think of any off the top of my head that can hold that many, but I would try searching TK for venues in your area and also do a Google search for the Richmond area and you may come up with something.  If I hear of anything, I will pop back in and let you know.

    Good luck and happy planning!  :)


  • I have you looked into the Convention Center? I know it sounds strange. I went to an Indian wedding there, they had 600 (phew).
    The Carpenter Center and CenterStage would also be a unique place. It was my number one spot but the Richmond Symphony had my date :(.
  • Have you checked the Jefferson Hotel? or The John Marshall Hotel? yes, they are hotels but they are GORG and not very typical!
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