Mankin Mansion Rave

We were marred at the Mankin Mansion, which is absolutely gorgeous!
Its' a private mansion with onsite accomodations for roughly 20 people, outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour site and tented patio for the reception.

A month after our wedding we continue to get compliments on the mansion, the service, and many other aspects of the day. Everything ran so smoothly the day before the wedding and the day of. At least, that was our assumption, and it was shared by all of our family and guests. Every family member and guest I have spoken with has commented on the organization of the ceremony and entire reception. Everything flowed so smoothly. Even with all our special requests (bourbon on each table, a band and a DJ, fire pits, afternoon tea for the bridal party, and a pizza party for all our younger guests), the mansion staff ensured that everything went off without a wrinkle and that everyone was taken care of.

Walking into the mansion Friday afternoon, was one of the most exciting and relaxing moments. I dropped off the last few items with the (included) coordinator and I think actually danced to the suite (yes I think I may have actually performed a little jig). The rehearsal was a great opportunity for our families and friends to size each other up, and practice what they were supposed to do on Saturday. Luckily, the mansion staff was on top of the entire bridal party on Saturday, because I am pretty sure none of them payed attention on Friday. The entire bridal party processed perfectly, thanks to prompting from the staff members (I know because I peeked from the suite window!).

After attending 4 weddings over the summer prior to our own wedding, I know some of the pitfalls of wedding planning and hosting. I saw brides directing their bridal party, worrying about last minute details as they walked down the aisle, setting up table decor mere hours before the ceremony, cleaning up at the end of the night, and unhappy or stressed throughout their own reception. None of this was a worry for us. The mansion staff took care of everything. We had an amazing time at our wedding ceremony (even though my uncle called my Daniel during his reading instead of Danielle), cocktail hour (which we actually got to attend for 30 minutes), and reception (we danced our butts off!).The coordinator was a great support during the wedding planning process, helping with everything at the mansion, and also anything else wedding related (reading through contracts, looking at emailed pictures to help decide between two pairs of wedding shoes, and commiserating over ridiculous guests). Even though I barely saw her during the wedding day, I know she was working hard backstage, ensuring we didn't have to deal with any of the issues that came up during the day.

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