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We are looking for an inexpensive florist to do our flowers. Our budget is very small and we have 10 people in the bridal party (5 men and 5 women), plus the two of us and two sets of parents. We live in DC, but the wedding is in VA, so we are really willing to work with whomever.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I personally couldn't find a florist that could meet my budget. If you're just looking for bouquets, corsages, etc. for your bridal party, then I would suggest Martin's or your local grocery store. They usually don't charge more than $500 for the "ultimate" package. I personally thought that the "ultimate" package had too many bouquets, etc. for me (I have 4 bridesmaids, 4 groomsmen, 3 sets of parents).

    If you are comfortable making bouquets yourself, then you can buy flowers in bulk a day before and make them yourself. I heard your local Costco, BJs, etc. is relatively reasonable.

    If you're not gung-ho on real flowers, I am making my bouquets from fake flowers from my local craft store (Hobby Lobby, there is one in Glen Allen, VA & Chesterfield, VA). I waitied until they went on sale, took my coupons, and got 4 pre-made bouquets, made 8 boutonneires for $50. My bouquet I am spending more on, purchasing off of But I also am making bouquets for my reception: 18 bouquets made of sophia roses & ranunculus' for $200 (50% floral stems). Most craft stores have an employee that will help you arrange a bouquet if you give them a picture or tell them what you want, for FREE. :) They want to help you. The key is waiting for those flowers to go on sale before you buy them. I have been watching the store's sales; they usually put the stem flowers on sale for 50% off once a month or so. I had to wait a full month before ordering, so if you need a lot, I would suggest looking soon.
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  • Try The Green Flamingo!
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    I'm also looking for an inexpensive florist and would like to use wildflowers - maybe even flowers from the farmers market. Does any one have suggestions for a florist that would be willing to do this type of work?
  • I am using Gardener's Gate from Hopewell. VA and she has really worked with my budget but stayed in the direction I want to go!
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  • I used Black Creek Fowers and Sweets in Mechanicsville for my wedding and absolutely loved the flowers.  I wasn't thinking and had my wedding on mother's day weekend (the biggest flower holiday).  The price was 35 - 40% less than the other two quotes I got.  Erica was really easy to work with.  She took the flowers I liked and used her expertise to combine them into gorgeous arrangements.  I couldn't be happier with what she did.
  • If you know someone with a Sam's Club membership, that is what I am doing for mine. The only flowers we need are for the wedding party though. We're not using flowers to decorate for either the ceremony or reception.
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