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Format for printing outer envelopes

I'll post this on Invites and Paper as well, but you ladies are my faves. :)

So we've decided to print the mailing envelopes. FI completely bashed my handwriting and begged that we please print them in a pretty calligraphy font. My cursive actually is pretty bad and unfortunately I'm the best bet we've got between the two of us hahaha. Anyway, now that I'm testing out how the envelopes will be printed, I realize I have no idea whether the mailing address should centered on the envelope or if it should be left aligned. What a silly thing to have to ask about but I've seen both versions online. So what is it? Left aligned, or centered? Or it really doesn't matter either way?


Left aligned


Also, anybody have a clue how to print the return address on the back flap???

ETA: Ignore my retardness where I put "right aligned" in the poll, I defintely meant LEFT aligned. And nevermind on the back flap return address printing.. I've figured it out yay!

Re: Format for printing outer envelopes

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    lol i totally just put my return address in the top left corner. I wrote mine out with a calligraphy ink pen so I didn't really want to have it bleed/smudge funny.

    I like the second ones from both sections. The one on black envelope looks sloppy to me, like it's trying too hard to be fancy.
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    I almost did the same thing with the return address til I thought twice about it. But in the end, it turned out to be really simple to print on the back flap. And I know what you mean about the black envelope, it's just too much. And not in the right way haha
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    I printed mine in Edwardian font and aligned the wording on the right. However, my envelopes are size #10 envelopes. However, centered looks nice on these envelopes! :)
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    Ahh I see, that's a good point. I'm sure the size makes a difference as well. My envelopes are A7, a lot like those in the pics. I just might go with centered then! :)
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    Hi Nati!  I'mlateon this but while i think either is fine and it doesn't really matter I prefer left aligned.  You're probably finished with them  already :p but i thought i'd put my two cents in. 
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    We did ours centered and printed them in a calligraphy font (Pen Tweaks) instead of handwriting as well. I've done about 85 of them this weekend, which is almost half - phew!
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    I think it looks fine either way and I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who is printing instead of hand writing!  Will you fill me in on how you printed on the flap for the return address?
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    Oo that's a really pretty font Bmore! I just might have to steal one of their versions lol! I'm also glad to know I'm not alone in printing.. I remember you posted the method where you print in a very light color and then go over it by hand. I had decided to do the same thing too. But once I was facing that big huge box of envelopes and thinking about doing each one twice, I said forget it! Lol

    Ajmom, it actually turned out to be a whooole lot easier than I expected. First I'm using Word 2007 and I chaged the page size to the same size as my envelopes. I also made my margins smaller, but I think this might not even be necessary. Then I just typed in my address, centered it in the middle of the page, hit enter a few times to move it down and tested it on an envelope. My document looks like this:

    You'll need an envelope to test on for sure, but that's all I did. HTH! :)
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    @Nati - Yeah... I was going to do the print + trace method. But I printed a few test ones in black ink on my envelopes and showed my FI to get his opinion of the font, and he said he thought it looked amazing as is, so I decided not to waste hours tracing it. Just printing them alone takes enough time as it is!

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