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We are looking for table runners, table clothes, and chair bows in purple. We are looking for a deeper purple, not lilac or lavendar. Does anyone have these they have used for their wedding (or know someone who did)? Do you know where we can rent linens or purchase cheap? Thanks!

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    I have overlays, but not actual table cloths.  Not sure if you are interested in those though.  Let me know.
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    njbrowneyedgrl74, can you send me information on  your overlays and pictures?  My wedding is also deep purple and I am looking for linens too!  Email addy is t_tucker52 at hotmail dot com
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    browneyed girl, beautiful picture. How many overlays do you have? How much do you want for them? I'd love to see if you have a picture, but it's not necessary. you can email me at [email protected] Thanks so much!
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    Jamie,I'll count them, but I should have at least 12 but probably more of the 72x72 and about 4 or so of the 54x54.  I still have to get all this stuff out of here, but finding it would help.  I'll get back to you tomorrow.  Thanks about the pic. Also red, if Jamie is not interested, I'll let you know.Lisa Beth
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