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Hello All,Okay so im just recently engaged and new to the site. Im trying to find a inexpensive venue in Tahoe by the water but im having trouble find a location for the reception. Someone suggested that i rent a huge house and do an outside reception in the backyard. is that tacky? i just dont want to prolong any planning and never really get around to it. I am estimating about 100 guests.Thanks in advance :)

Re: Where to start

  • Hwrd2beHwrd2be member
    edited December 2011
    I honestly dont know too much about tahoe.. You might want to post this on the Northern Cali board since you will get alot more answers there.. I have been to tahoe a couple of times but dont know much about having a wedding there..
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    Hi and congrats on the engagement!  I've been to several weddings in Tahoe and it was very beautiful.  Two of them did exactly what you mention above.  They rented a house and had the reception out doors in the back yard.  I don't know how elaborate you want to get, but it's totally doable!  You can rent tents, tables, chairs, etc., and be extravagant, or go the more casual route.  Either way, I think it's not tacky at all.  I would definatley get jump on the planning!  Email me for more information!  [email protected]
  • stina93446stina93446 member
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    kdani, congrats! Your name sounds familiar....might I know you?
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    Hello Stina and thanks. I dont believe I know you unless your located in or around sacramento :)
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