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Hey ladies! I visited Harmony Hall in Harrisburg today.  I really liked most of it but there is a pavilion outside that I'm not crazy about...Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has had or been to a wedding there. Anything I should know about?!

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    I went there to look and I didn't think that they were worth the price. There were too many guidlines and rules and I don't need that crap. I also didn't like how the lady said that I had to either have my centerpiece or my ceremony decorations... I asked if I could do both and she said no they had to do one or the other.. I was like are you serious? That was kinda like the selling point. I don't know of anyone who has had a wedding there so I can't really say anythng from experience.
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    I got married there and it was FABULOUS! To be honest, I don't think anyone noticed that pavillion. Our ceremony was beautiful out on the grass. and I adore the ballroom. I love the hardwood floors and white walls. It's kind of like your canvas and you can decorate it how you want. Much better than a hotel ballroom in my opinion. Also, the food is TO DIE FOR and Jill (the day of coordinator) is absolutely fantastic and my day wouldn't have gone as well without her!!! In conclusion, Harmony Hall is amazing! :o)
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    I don't know much about it, but I've seen photos and I thin it's very pretty. However, after looking at the menu, it seems a little pricey like a PP said. That being said, my venu was comparable in price (however, I didn't care about the prices as much because I think Leola is the best venue EVER). I think mine ended up being around $85 a plate, but you get what you pay for most of the time. Several guests commented on how my wedding food was the best wedding food they ever had and the best steak they ever had. So, I would definitely put your money into the food if you have money to do so. What exactly is your concern with the pavillion? Would you get married in it? Are you thinking about it for photos? Do you just think it's ugly? To be completely honest, your guests won't even notice it. It's funny how you spend months on decorations, DIY and the reception hall and no one really even notices it at all. If you like everything else about HH, I would book them and forget about the silly pavillion.
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    I visited harmony hall 2 weeks ago. Entirely too much money for not alot of bells and whistles..500 for chairs? sheesh!It was the same amount of money for the civic center we saw the venues 2 days apart. Wanted the civic center told her the next day and all of a sudden it wasnt available.Go figure.
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    Maybe this helps... The pavillion isn't in any of our pictures at all. And even after the number of times I have been to Harmony now, I had to think to figure out what you were talking about. Hehehehe. Here's a pic form our ceremony: [img][/img] brownhenry: I'm not sure who told you that. I mean, all of our ceremony decorations and centerpieces were done with the florist, not with Harmony. We didn't want to use some of the centerpiece things they had that were included but we worked with Jill and she got as something else we wanted instead (Jameson's for the bar hehehehehe).
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    I don't know what the lady's name was. But when i said 'If I don't want these centerpieces can I make my own" and she said yes but then we will have to do your ceremony decorations... i was like what! that and the price were deal breakers for me glad yours turned out nice though! very nice pictures :)
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    I was a bridesmaid at a wedding held at Harmony Hall. I can't speak from the planning/bride's perspective, but as a bridesmaid and a guest I think that it was a very nice venue. My friend was supposed to get married outside, but it rained and had to have the ceremony inside. The bathrooms were nice a roomie for getting ready. My only complaint was that our food was cold when we got it. I heard a few other guests comment about that too.
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