bridal make-up in san luis county

i've never had my make-up done before. does anyone know of any good places, and prices, that are in SLO county. i'm flexible so could be in san luis or paso etc. let me know! :) thanks!!

Re: bridal make-up in san luis county

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    What kind of makeup are you looking for? I've done some research and have found some good deals depending on the type of makeup you want (mineral based, foundation, airbrush). I will say that when I first starting looking all I could find were places that were charing $300+ for the brides and around $150+ for the bridal party (like Kim and CO). With several days of research I have found cheaper alternatives. Just let me know if you still need help.
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    I too have been looking for hair and make-up..and still have yet to find someone reasonable ( or at least what I think is reasonable...and that is beginning to change because it seems everyone is expensive) but this is what I have found so I hope it helps....

    Danielle Randleman:

    I found her through my photographer she is newer (I think) and is who I originally wanted to go through but my date is unavailable. I think she is extremley reasonable and she will come to your location!

    Then their is Weddingl hair and Make-up by Rhonda Johnson
    I was going to go with her and then passed in hopes of finding someone cheaper, but now I wish I would have just booked her.

    These are the  two best I have found, I hope this helps and good luck, if you find anything else please let me know!

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    I did find Rhonda Johnson as well and $300 for the bride was slightly more than what I wanted to pay.

    This is what I have found so far:
    Jannette posted an ad on craigslist for $150 for hair and makeup. Email or call her and let her know that you found her ad on Craigslist so that you can get her promo rate. 805-202-9656
    [email protected]. She also provided me her website:" target="_blank">

    I also found Nena. THese are her prices and her website:

    On Location Bride's Makeup and Hair Package:$160-175 (Eyelashes Inculded)

    Additional Makeup: $55-$60

    Additional Hair Design: $65-$75

    Eyelash Perm & Tint: $50

    Flower Girls Hair & Light Makeup $35.00

    Ask about our Group Discounts !
    Email: [email protected]

    On the higher side there is Fairy Tale Hair and Makeup which was $225 for the bride and $150 for the bridal party:

    Hope this helps.  Let me know if you find anything else! =)

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    I am getting mine done at Bladerunner Salon in downtown SLO. It is costing me $85 trial for hair and makeup, and $85 the day of for both. This seems reasonable for me. I hope this helps!
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    I had my hair and makeup done by Melissa Silva at the Bladerunner Salon. She did an amazing job. Leeny, is Melissa doing yours too?
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    thanks guys! i'll look into some of those. i'm not sure what type of makeup im looking for so right now i'm open to pretty much anything :)

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    Sara, how much did it cost you for your hair and makeup at bladerunner?
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