Wedding Day Transportation

First, is it really that expensive?

I need recommendations and suggestions!  I am looking and contacting all companies but I am having difficulty getting what I want.  I do not want to pay for a 10 hour day when we will only be in the vehicles for about 2 to 3 hours total. 

I want an 8-10 passenger vehicle to pick up me and the BMs first, then pick up the boys.  When then need an larger vehicle to accompany all of us or 2 of the same size to get us to the reception.  We would also like a car to return at the end of the night to take us to the hotel.  Please help!

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Re: Wedding Day Transportation

  • We used 2 different companies, because of the prices, and we didn't want to have them for 7 hours when we wouldn't need them for the time we were actually in the reception.  We needed a larger limo to get the bridal party to the reception from the ceremony.  Then we needed a smaller one to just take us from the reception.  I think we used Aadvanced Limousines & Carey Indiana.
  • I'm stuck here to. I have a may wedding and they all keep talking about prom and trying to get me to buy a 6hr package (due to prom) when i only need 2 hours...and that's pushing it ($360 was the best quote I got).

    ...good idea about the 2 limo companies...something to think about for sure!

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    Not sure about the prices but you might want to check out antique limo of indianapolis. They have standard limos plus some really cool antique cars. I rented one for my Mom to get her to her birthday celebration. Great company.
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    Thanks ladies for the suggestions! Smile
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  • thanks for posting about this..i am going to look into these suggestions too!!
  • I saw a daily wedding deal (I have no idea who these come from, they just started appearing in my inbox) for limo rental for $85 for 2 hours. I know nothing about the company, but they might be a good deal.

    I emailed the guy to ask if they had any larger vehicles/could sub the value of the voucher for a bus or something & he was pretty responsive. They do have a stretch hummer that seats 14 for $155/hour + 20% tip. Oh, and the deal will only apply to the 8-10 passenger vehicle.

    I agree with everyone else that you should split companies to save money. That is what I am doing!
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